Vitria Technology, Inc. announced the next release of its data transformation component, BusinessWare Transformer 2.0. An integral component of Vitria’s ebusiness platform, Transformer provides the mapping services required to reconcile the disparate data and document formats encountered when integrating applications and trading partners within and across the extended enterprise. BusinessWare Transformer 2.0 is available immediately. Transformer provides a powerful and easy-to-use graphical tool that can solve simple to complex transformation problems without programming. For simple transformations, users drag and drop input fields onto output fields. In some cases, Transformer can detect and perform common transformations, such as mapping corresponding field names, automatically. For complex transformations, such as nested data structures, Transformer’s “Auto-Iterator” enables the transformation to be performed graphically. Augmenting Transformer’s drag-and-drop user interface is a set of built-in functions such as date conversions and string manipulations. Customers can also create user-defined functions using industry-standard Java and JavaScript. Transformer is an integral component of Vitria’s ebusiness platform, BusinessWare. Transformer is also an integral part of BusinessWare’s graphical connection modeling environment, allowing powerful transformations to be built into existing or new connection models, stored in the BusinessWare Repository.