Eprise Corporation announced Version 3 of Eprise Participant Server. Eprise moves beyond tactical content management approaches focused solely on the efficiency of Web operations to offer Strategic Content Management solutions. Strategic Content Management is a comprehensive approach using software and services to help businesses efficiently plan, implement, measure, and enhance corporate Web sites that deliver significant value to the site audiences and the business. The key technical component of Strategic Content Management is Eprise Participant Server. This software application enables business users to manage not just traditional content, but also business rules, approval processes, and user interaction. The result is that implementation and ongoing change of Eprise-managed sites is easier than with products that rely on technical scripts and configuration files for similar functions. The latest release adds several capabilities including: an enhanced user interface that includes a robust visual editing capability for browser users; expanded templating options to improve manageability and performance; and enterprise level scalability enhancements including global content distribution capabilities. Eprise Participant Server Version 3 will be available next month for Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Solaris operating systems. The typical customer engagement for software and services starts at approximately $150,000. www.eprise.com