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Day: October 18, 2000

Poet Releases Enhanced eCatalog Software

POET Software announced the latest releases of its turn-key eCatalog management software solutions for suppliers, ASPs and eMarketplaces. POET’s eCatalog Suite – Supplier Resident Edition (eCS-SR) and eCatalog Suite – Service Provider Edition (eCS-SP) introduce several new features that provide enhanced pricing management, platform and database support, as well as simplified administration for ASPs and eMarketplaces. POET’s flexible pricing management features provide customers with several customization options to reflect the diverse requirements of both suppliers and buyers. With contract pricing, users can create buyer-specific pricing for groups of products or on a product-by-product basis. With volume discounts or tier pricing, suppliers can define different prices based upon item quantity. In addition to custom pricing, users can also employ a calculation-based pricing method, incorporating discounts based on percentages or fixed amounts in relation to list prices. POET added new database and platform support, giving ASPs and eMarketmakers the option to run eCS-SR and eCS-SP using the POET object database or Oracle’s 8.0 or 8i on Solaris, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. The latest versions of eCatalog Suite-Supplier Resident Edition and eCatalog Suite-Service Provider Edition are now available. Pricing for the supplier edition starts at $60,000. Pricing for the service provider edition starts at $175,000.

Seeburger Announces XML Business Integration Server Middleware

The new Business Integration Server (BIS) from Seeburger is a middleware module that maintains processes and accounts for all business and process transactions based on a customizable workflow rule set. With a graphical drag-and-drop definition of business processes, any data interchange requirement on Windows NT, UNIX and IBM AS/400 can be implemented quickly. BIS fully supports Java, XML, and existing business system technologies, including B2B eCommerce requirements: shopping, auctions, marketplaces, eProcurement and works with EDIFACT and ERP management systems. The Business Integration Server also works with ebXML, cXML, XML EDI, BizTalk and Rosettanet. Additionally, it supports classical EDI transaction formats, including EDIFACT, X.12, ODETTE or VDA. BIS has connectors to all known ERP systems, including: SAP R/3, SAP R/2, Baan, Oracle, BRAIN, infor, J.D.Edwards and Baurer. In FrontOffice, BIS works with Siebel, Intershop, Openshop and Brokat. Even legacy and proprietary systems are supported. The Seeburger middleware supports unique XML DTDs and other custom interfaces.

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