Adobe Systems Incorporated and Interwoven, Inc. announced an alliance to integrate their respective Web development and Web content management products. The first joint development effort of the alliance will focus on Adobe GoLive 5.0 and Interwoven TeamSite software. The integration of GoLive and TeamSite will allow content contributors to easily author and manage large volumes of content while working directly within GoLive 5.0. From within GoLive, users can take advantage of enterprise-class content management features such as metadata tagging, locking and submission. The GoLive and TeamSite extension, leveraging the extensible architecture of GoLive 5.0, provides Web contributors with an integrated environment to build compelling dynamic sites in less time. Additionally, TeamSite’s hybrid architecture currently enables users of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Illustrator to take advantage of advanced content management features such as asset auditing, Smart-Context QA and secure deployment.,