SAQQARA Systems, Inc. introduced SAQQARA ProductServer 3.0 and ProductServer 3.0 Multi-language Edition, adding increased functionality and flexibility to the SAQQARA product content management solution and Step Search technology. ProductServer 3.0 offers customers both parametric and text-based search capabilities, product content personalization, menu navigation and XML support to improve product content management and to enhance the buying experience. In addition, the Multi-language Edition of ProductServer 3.0 allows the customer to maintain and present their product content in multiple languages. Through SAQQARA’s search and find technology, ProductServer 3.0 provides buyers advanced search capabilities that allows them to quickly and easily find the products they are looking for through either a text based search or though a parametric Step Search. Additionally, buyers can now benefit from custom views of the catalog using a profile-driven content filter, displaying only the products that are applicable. The buyers’ experience is further enhanced through a new menu navigation functionality that allows drill down searches through a category hierarchy to find the appropriate product grouping. In addition to ProductServer 3.0’s search capabilities, the Multi-language Edition gives customers the ability to take advantage of a complete product content solution that includes language support for major European and Asian languages and out of the box presentation support for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. ProductServer 3.0 Multi-language Edition allows buyers to view both product content and page presentation in the language of their choice. ProductServer 3.0 and ProductServer 3.0 Multi-language Edition will be available September 29, 2000 for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 operating systems and will be available for UNIX operating systems in the fourth quarter, 2000. Both Editions are available directly from SAQQARA Systems or through resellers. Pricing for ProductServer 3.0 starts at $95,000. Pricing for ProductServer 3.0 Multi-language Edition is an additional $35,000.