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Day: September 11, 2000

AlterEgo & Interwoven Form Alliance to Deliver Wireless Content

Interwoven, Inc. and AlterEgo Networks, Inc. announced a strategic alliance to deliver an integrated solution that will allow their joint customers to create, adapt and publish enterprise Web content to wireless devices such as Web-enabled phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), or pagers. In conjunction with the partnership, Interwoven also has announced that it will make a minority investment in AlterEgo. Under the terms of the agreement, Interwoven and AlterEgo will integrate elements of AlterEgo’s adaptation technology with Interwoven’s content management system in order to optimize delivery of “intelligent” wireless Web content. The integrated solution is expected to ship in Q1 2001. Together, Interwoven and AlterEgo are working to ensure that companies can effectively extend their Web content to customers, partners and employees, who choose to access information via Web-enabled phones or PDAs. Interwoven TeamSite software and XML-based TeamSite Templating, which allows content to easily be re-purposed for wireless devices will be integrated with AlterEgo’s device adaptation and delivery network. Together, AlterEgo and Interwoven technology will determine the required data and representation format for each type of wireless access device. Once these transformation rules are defined, they will be published to AlterEgo’s high-performance, scalable Adaptive Network, which then delivers the transformed content to mobile devices. This will allow businesses to provide consistent, timely, relevant content to employees and customers who access corporate networks through wireless devices in addition to through computers.,

Commerce One Announces Network to Drive Content Creation, Delivery & Management

Commerce One, Inc. announced plans to develop a global content network to deliver high-quality content to Commerce One-powered e-marketplaces, buyers and suppliers across multiple industries worldwide. Final terms are expected to be reached, and definitive documents are expected to be executed, in the fourth quarter of 2000. The network will be based on the Commerce One Content Refinery technology infrastructure and will also include: Commerce One certified content processing partners authorized to deliver content development and processing capabilities in specific regions and industries; Pre-packaged content libraries, delivered through syndication arrangements via Commerce Ones Global Trading Web; and Published content interoperability standards to enable easy content syndication. The foundation of the global content network is the Commerce One Content Refinery solution, a set of software applications, services and methodologies that enable e-marketplaces and content development operations to create, integrate, enhance and maintain catalogs. The Content Refinery solution also enables the syndication and re-use of catalogs across multiple e-marketplaces, via the Global Trading Web. By tapping into pre-built content, the solution can offer reduced time-to-market and lower content cost for e-marketplace operators. The Commerce One Content Refinery solution is currently in limited release, with general availability scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2000.

Excalibur Announces XML-Based Stand-Alone Video Logger

Excalibur Technologies announced an XML-based video logger, Screening Room Capture. The scaleable, standards-based video logger will be available as a stand-alone product or as part of Excalibur’s Screening Room product for end-to-end capture, encoding, indexing, management and re-purposing of video content. Screening Room Capture extracts visual and textual metadata from analog or digital video by controlling multiple subsystems for closed-captioned text extraction, voice-to-text servers, video analysis, manual annotation, device control, and timecode management. The product can control multiple video encoders no matter where they reside, enabling parallel, multiple format, simultaneous encoding. Due to its distributable nature, video logging capabilities and subsystems can now be scaled across as many computers as necessary. By encapsulating all metadata into XML, Screening Room Capture allows the easy integration of video logging into many other systems, such as an existing digital asset management or media asset management solution, or third party database. Screening Room Capture, when combined with Screening Room 2.2, provides a complete end-to-end system for video content management. Excalibur Screening Room is a fully integrated, modular system that gives any enterprise power to intelligently capture, manage, re-use and publish video content.

WebCollage Announces Syndicator

WebCollage unveiled WebCollage Syndicator, a software solution that lets companies expand their reach and interact with users not only on their own sites but wherever they are on the Web. Designed to ensure rapid time to market for premium partnerships, Syndicator lets e-businesses package live and complete Web-based business applications as “e-services,” then syndicates them by placing them directly on partner Web sites. With WebCollage Syndicator companies can define e-services that capture their entire Web experience. Business partners can then exchange and incorporate all the relevant e-services that their users need to complete specific tasks into one place. WebCollage Syndicator replaces today’s phenomenon of sending users to other sites in order to access services and applications by bringing these applications to where users already are. WebCollage Syndicator applies dynamic Web site integration. When users visit a Web site, it pulls and “blends” syndicated e-services into the pages presented to users. Any Web page that is fused together dynamically from multiple sources would still appear to users as a single uniform page. WebCollage Syndicator’s unique capabilities then enable users to carry out complete Web transactions from multiple sources without leaving the site they are at. Other Web integration approaches, often using XML, focus on data exchange but do not address the sharing of an application’s user interface and Web experience. Companies can spend months re-building a partner application’s user experience into their own site, slowing time to market. Syndicator, using WebCollage’s Web Services Markup Language (WSML) technology, is designed specifically to overcome these limitations. It powers the syndication of complete e-services to multiple partner sites while maintaining the user experience and without requiring the partners to install any software. WebCollage Syndicator is available from WebCollage, Inc. The license fee for the Syndicator software is based on the number of partners served with e-services. Pricing starts at $50,000.

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