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eGrail Delivers Content Management to the Masses

eGrail Inc. released the kernel of its commercial software product to the Open Source development community. The eGrail Source software will be available at This site will focus solely on providing technical services to Open Source developers. eGrail also announced its adoption of a hybrid business model that represents a new and improved approach for the building, distribution and support of Internet software. eGrail is committed to developing efficient Open Source software that can be produced at a lower cost than most vendors currently in the market. eGrail is an enterprise-capable content management software that runs completely on Open Source infrastructure.

IntraNet Solutions Releases Xpedio 4.0

IntraNet Solutions announced the release of Xpedio 4.0, a new version of the Xpedio Content Management system with enhanced security and business personalization features for B2B and business-to-employee (B2E) customers. Xpedio 4.0 is designed to meet businesses’ growing demand for the ability to contribute, manage, publish and personalize content for business Web sites more efficiently. Xpedio 4.0 includes Xpedio’s two primary components – Xpedio Content Publisher and Xpedio Content Server. This upgrade enhances those components’ ability to simplify and automate the contribution and conversion of any type of content, ranging from desktop applications to forms and reports, to any Web format, such as PDF, HTML, XML or WML, with new security, business personalization and Web site development features. Xpedio 4.0’s business personalization features are based on centralized user authentication and security mapping combined with business rules. Xpedio 4.0 enables security integration with popular existing systems, such as LDAP, NT, Netegrity and NDS, and allows extensible user information for greater business personalization. Additionally, Xpedio 4.0 provides HTML form-based contribution and HTML page preview for converted content. Xpedio 4.0 also includes query-driven publishing, which allows the system to automatically select and publish content based on metadata. Xpedio 4.0 will also include product modules available in Xpedio: Xpedio WAM, a system for managing Web assets, and Xpedio Reporter Parser, which parses reports from enterprise applications and converts them to XML, HTML, PDF or text formats for secure publishing to the Web. Xpedio 4.0 is shipping now and is priced from $40,000-$180,000 USD.

Overdrive Announces Free eBook Authoring & Production Tool for Microsoft Reader

OverDrive, Inc. announced the release of its ReaderWorks Standard software which is available as a free download at ReaderWorks Standard is an authoring tool that allows educators, authors, publishers, business professionals and others to convert their documents, text, images, or web content into Microsoft Reader eBooks. Concurrent with the release of the free Standard version, OverDrive also announced the release of its commercial eBook product, ReaderWorks Publisher. Publisher provides all the capabilities of Standard plus the ability to customize cover art and other title data used by resellers and eBookstores to promote, manage and protect digital rights for online sales. Publisher is available at the web portal at an introductory price of $119, a 20% discount off the suggested list price. The announcement also included the release of ReaderWorks Software Developers Kit (SDK), Version 1.0, which provides an ActiveX toolset to automate the production of eBooks in Reader format, and allows developers to add “save as Reader” capacity to their applications or for development of large eBook conversion applications. ReaderWorks software brings point and click technology to the ePublishing industry for conversion of text, HTML, images, and other content to Microsoft Reader and Open eBook format. The Commercial ReaderWorks suite is designed to support marketing and metadata in XML, XrML, OEB, ONIX formats for eBook resellers.

MobileQ Launches Upgrade for Secure, Multi-Device Delivery of Wireless Applications

MobileQ, Inc. announced an upgraded version of its software that enables companies to provide easier access to information and a more intuitive user experience for employees and customers using any wireless device. XMLEdge 2.5 is the latest iteration of MobileQ’s enterprise-grade infrastructure software. Based on XML, XMLEdge enables companies to deliver banking, customer relationship management, road-side assistance and other vertical applications to numerous mobile devices. Companies can deliver information to users in a manner that is easy to manipulate, consistent across all devices, and optimized for the features and functionality of each appliance, enabling every user to work in a way that’s most efficient and intuitive for them. XMLEdge is flexible enough to support any business application, from personal information management and messaging to custom line of business applications. The upgraded version allows enterprises to: Deliver data to the newest mobile devices, including Palm III and V through Omnisky, RIM 957 and 850, Compaq Pocket PC’s and newly available WAP phones such as Nokia 7110. Support for Denso, Ericsson, HP, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NeoPoint, Nokia, Palm VII, Phillips, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung and Sanyo were already included in XMLEdge 2.0; Ensure more powerful security through data encryption; Deliver applications in Far-East and European languages; Create applications from distributed data sources over multiple locations; Send alerts to mobile customers and employees based upon personal settings; and tailor logging components to facilitate application and IT management while integrating with existing billing systems.

Sun & Vignette Join Forces

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Vignette Corp. announced a comprehensive global agreement, including joint sales, marketing and engineering services, that will provide e-business hardware and software solutions for companies to build successful online businesses. The companies have agreed to jointly develop e-business solutions initially targeting the fast-growing new media and telecommunication markets, including wireless. With this agreement, Sun and Vignette have significantly expanded their relationship to deliver solutions based on Sun’s Sun Enterprise servers, Solaris Operating Environment platform and Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology, and the recently announced Vignette V/5 E-business solutions. Companies will be able to leverage Sun’s Java technology to integrate their existing applications with other third-party applications, including the iPlanet Application Server, through Vignette’s recently introduced V/5 E-business applications. As part of the agreement, the Vignette solution will be incorporated into Sun’s iForce Ready Centers, which will enable customers to gain hands-on experience to help them deploy scalable, extensible portal infrastructures combining e-commerce, relationship management, personalization, content management and workflow features on an e-business platform.,

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions Joins Citrix Network

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. announced it has joined the Citrix Systems, Inc. Citrix Solutions Network as a Gold Solutions Provider. XyEnterprise will sell and support Citrix application server computing solutions, including the MetaFrame product to companies in the aerospace, automotive, high technology, financial, and commercial publishing markets. Through this agreement, XyEnterprise will offer its Parlance Content Manager and XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software solutions via Citrix thin client connections. This solution will provide users with remote access to desktop or server based applications such as Parlance or XPP without requiring the installation of client software on the local desktop. It will also enable XyEnterprise Professional Services to deliver a full line of customer services through remote system control, diagnostics and software updates. As a CSN member, XyEnterprise will provide consultation, installation, integration and support for the Citrix application server product line, which offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to deploy, access and manage business-critical applications throughout an enterprise.

SoftQuad Joins Ariba Supplier Initiative

SoftQuad Software, Ltd. announced that it has joined the Ariba Inc. supplier enablement initiative and will integrate its products into the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform using the Ariba Commerce Services Network (CSN). SoftQuad’s XML-based content solutions, XMetaL and MarketAgility, combined with the Ariba CSN, provide suppliers with a single, Internet-based point of access and integration with buyers and marketplaces worldwide. Ariba CSN also provides SoftQuad’s customers with efficient trading mechanisms and commerce processes such as systems integration services, global supplier directories, sourcing tools, B2B auctions and reverse auctions, logistics and supplier enablement, electronic payment and streamlined transaction services. Further, SoftQuad will collaborate with Ariba on the continued development of cXML. SoftQuad will use cXML to integrate its B2B solutions with the Ariba B2B Commerce Platform.

OpenTravel Alliance Publishes Profile Specs & Submits Them to ebXML

The OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) published its Version 1 specifications that gives the travel industry one universal format for collecting and exchanging customer preferences among airlines, hotels, car rental companies, tour operators, travel agencies, and related services. The OTA customer profile has innovative features to make life easier for travelers. The common format allows the travel industry and its web sites to collect information on identification and preferences only once and exchange it with suppliers of travel services as well as their intermediaries. The specification lets customers define collections of travel service in terms of their own varied needs, such as business travel or the annual church retreat. OTA Version 1 also contains comprehensive privacy features that enable the customer to control any transfer of personal data. The built-in controls allow only specified parts of the profile to be exchanged. The specifications include DTDs, as well as many sample OTA messages. The drafts of these that were issued in February 2000 generated comments from all over the world, from both inside and outside the travel industry. The final specifications released today incorporate these, which have significantly strengthened Version 1. They can be freely downloaded from OTA participates in the ebXML initiative to develop a single XML message infrastructure to facilitate communication between different businesses and industries in different countries. ebXML used OTA’s draft sample messages as part of its proof of concept tests at its May meeting in Brussels, Belgium. As a further contribution to ebXML, OTA is providing its Version 1 specifications. OTA is keen to align its specifications with those in other industries, including the work of the CPExchange initiative, and sees ebXML as an effective way of doing this. With over 150 members representing influential names in all sectors of the travel industry, including air, car, hotel, travel agencies, technology providers and other travel related suppliers, the Alliance is comprised of five work groups air, car, hotel, leisure supplier, and non-supplier. These groups, together with an interoperability committee to coordinate their efforts, are developing open Internet-compatible messages using XML data terms.

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