MobileQ, Inc. announced an upgraded version of its software that enables companies to provide easier access to information and a more intuitive user experience for employees and customers using any wireless device. XMLEdge 2.5 is the latest iteration of MobileQ’s enterprise-grade infrastructure software. Based on XML, XMLEdge enables companies to deliver banking, customer relationship management, road-side assistance and other vertical applications to numerous mobile devices. Companies can deliver information to users in a manner that is easy to manipulate, consistent across all devices, and optimized for the features and functionality of each appliance, enabling every user to work in a way that’s most efficient and intuitive for them. XMLEdge is flexible enough to support any business application, from personal information management and messaging to custom line of business applications. The upgraded version allows enterprises to: Deliver data to the newest mobile devices, including Palm III and V through Omnisky, RIM 957 and 850, Compaq Pocket PC’s and newly available WAP phones such as Nokia 7110. Support for Denso, Ericsson, HP, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NeoPoint, Nokia, Palm VII, Phillips, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung and Sanyo were already included in XMLEdge 2.0; Ensure more powerful security through data encryption; Deliver applications in Far-East and European languages; Create applications from distributed data sources over multiple locations; Send alerts to mobile customers and employees based upon personal settings; and tailor logging components to facilitate application and IT management while integrating with existing billing systems.