NetGenesis Corp. announced support for analyzing customer behavior over WAP servers, helping e-businesses that market to wireless devices analyze and improve the success of campaigns. NetGenesis’ Wireless InfraMarketing reports enable e-retailers, content providers and financial and B2B sites, to improve wireless marketing campaigns, content and e-commerce programs by analyzing crucial wireless E-metrics and making better business decisions around them. NetGenesis’ InfraMarketing provides a clear snapshot of customer activity. It reveals customer behavior over time and provides predictive analysis, an analytic baseline to enable e-businesses to predict their customers’ activity patterns and help them target their customers more efficiently based on these profiles. With predictive analysis, e-businesses can begin to anticipate what customers may buy and forecast purchase behaviors. InfraMarketing also allows e-businesses to measure InfraMetrics, the key metrics needed to succeed on the Web. InfraMetrics allow e-businesses to drill deeper into customer interests and segments to track individual behaviors and clickstream patterns for more effective marketing campaigns.