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Day: July 25, 2000

Inxight Announces Categorizer

Inxight Software, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Inxight Categorizer. Categorizer is an application that efficiently and automatically classifies unstructured information, such as web pages, e-mail, word processing documents, presentations and text, into pre-defined categories to significantly increase the quality and accuracy of online searches. Using patented technology, Categorizer takes classification beyond simple methods such as rule-based systems and pure pattern recognition techniques. Categorizer advances its technology by combining linguistic processing engines with patented mathematic algorithms. For example, the word “ground” can mean ground pepper, the ground that you stand on, or the ground for a wire. Categorizer is able to distinguish between the meanings of the three “grounds” in its context. Another example is the word “teach.” Categorizer identifies and associates words that have the same meaning, depending on how the word is used, like teaches, teaching, and taught. Demonstrating contextual understanding of word “meanings” and relationships of words in sentences directly benefits the accuracy and speed of the categorization process. Moreover, Categorizer maintains its scalability even as the number of categories or documents grows. (For a detailed white paper on Categorizer, go to Features of Categorizer include: Scalability to 100,000 documents per day with a single server; Supports over 70 major document formats including HTML, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail files, Lotus Notes and plain text; True linguistic support for Western European languages; Out-of-the-box advanced natural language engine categorizes documents based on keywords, concepts and full language analysis; Accuracy improves automatically using an active category learning process; Built-in intelligence adapts to dynamic taxonomies; Supports Oracle data store for high-availability environments; and XML compatibility enables integration to most enterprise portal applications. Inxight Categorizer is available immediately through Inxight corporate sales.

Eprise & Kinecta Integrate Technologies

Eprise Corporation and Kinecta Corporation announced that the two companies have integrated their respective technologies to enable Eprise Participant Server support for the Kinecta Interact platform. This integration will provide organizations with greater access to and management of diverse content distributed using the Kinecta Interact syndication platform. Integration with Kinecta Interact will allow content to be delivered to Eprise Participant Server’s data stores via the ICE protocol. Eprise Participant Server acts as a digital asset repository and management system, empowering companies to create, update, and manage Web content by giving business users across the organization the ability to submit, edit, approve, and post content on the fly and then have it presented to the right viewer at the right time. Kinecta Interact enables companies to manage syndication relationships and the exchange of content between a syndicator and its subscribers. Integration of the two technologies will provide business users with the ability to syndicate content and the necessary tools to constantly update that content on their Internet, extranet, and intranet sites.,

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