Starbase Corp. and Documentum Inc. announced a formal integration partnership. The combined solution of Starbase’s StarTeam and Documentum’s 4i eBusiness Edition will enable cross-functional Web site teams to manage their code and content in an integrated environment. This partnership marks the first in a series of planned technology integrations as part of Documentum’s Open Source Code Integration (OSCI) initiative. Documentum’s OSCI initiative facilitates integrations with application development vendors, enabling delivery of e-business solutions. The alliance calls for both companies to adopt each other’s solution in their own environment. Starbase is currently implementing Documentum’s 4i eBusiness Edition for the ongoing management of the Starbase Web site utilizing 4i’s dynamic content personalization and management capabilities to manage and enhance the experience of Web visitors. Documentum uses StarTeam as its development management solution, managing its projects and releases within the StarTeam object-linking repository.,