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Day: July 23, 2000

Novell Announces Availability Of DirXML

Novell, Inc. announced immediate availability of DirXML, new integration software that makes possible new business solutions to accelerate a company’s transformation to eBusiness. DirXML extends the capabilities of NDS eDirectory, allowing companies to fully integrate business processes and existing applications across the enterprise. By combining directory technologies with XML, DirXML powers secure cross-platform and cross-network information exchange. Through its ability to deliver centralized control over a company’s eBusiness processes, DirXML reduces network management costs and drives new opportunities to elevate relationships with clients and customers over the unified global network — one Net. Novell is offering a complete developer program on-line to train consultants and developers in the practice of developing drivers for DirXML. This training can be found at Additionally, Novell is creating a comprehensive training and certification program that will be designed to ensure the correct deployment of DirXML-based solutions through qualified channel partners. Novell plans to make this available in the fall. DirXML is platform independent and only requires eDirectory, Novell’s cross-platform directory service. It is available immediately through Novell Consulting Services and consulting partners. Novell plans to make DirXML available through Value Added Resellers in the near future. Pricing for DirXML includes the cost of eDirectory, which is $2 USD per user, and is structured based on individual customer requirements. More formal pricing will be announced at a later date. Novell Consulting Services is available to help customers design and implement eBusiness solutions based on DirXML and eDirectory.

HR-XML Consortium Works to Standardize Payroll Transactions

The HR-XML Consortium, a non-profit organization dedicated to human resources (HR) data exchange, announced the formation of a new workgroup to standardize payroll transactions using XML. The first priority of the workgroup will be to develop a set of XML schemas to standardize communications between HR and payroll systems and also between payroll systems and third-party (e.g., 401K plan) administrators. Payroll providers, employers and HR companies are all encouraged to take part in the development of the new standards. Membership in the HR-XML Consortium and participation in the Payroll Workgroup is open to anyone involved in the payroll and/or HR industries, employers and vendors alike. Since the announcement of the workgroup at the HR-XML members meeting in Chicago last week, more than 20 HR and payroll providers came forth to contribute to this effort. Organizations and individuals interested in joining the Consortium, should visit

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