Sequoia Software Corporation announced the release and immediate availability of its next-generation XML Portal Server (XPS) version 3.0. To help businesses operate at Internet speed, Sequoia has totally re-engineered XPS, creating an e-business command center that integrates three critical feature sets necessary for a true e-business solution including: personalized content delivery on browsers or any Internet-enabled wireless device; business process automation; and an integration framework that enables businesses to easily communicate, share information and support interactions among employees, customers, trading partners, and suppliers across the value chain. XPS 3.0 is built upon Sequoia’s new XML-based e-business platform that enables faster and easier integration of previously incompatible applications, guaranteed delivery of messages and transactions, load balancing, and simplified administration through a centralized management console. Other new features include robust workflow capabilities, allowing XPS to integrate automated business processes; Smart Spiders that automatically gather and aggregate content from directories and databases within corporate networks and via the Internet; and meta search, a user configurable search process that executes parallel searches on any external search engine including XPS indexed content. Sequoia XPS 3.0 is available immediately for Windows NT Servers. Pricing starts at $500/user for a minimum of 100 users. Discount pricing begins at 250 users.