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Day: June 4, 2000

Bluestone Announces Total-e-Server

Bluestone Software, Inc. announced Bluestone Total-e-Server, the next generation of Bluestone’s Sapphire/Web Application Server, and the Application Server edition of Bluestone’s comprehensive, standards-based Total-e-Business platform based on Sun’s J2EE specification and using XML for internal communication and external integration services. Among the Total-e-Server highlights are implementations of J2EE, including EJB 1.1, Java Servlets 2.2, and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.1, including Taglib support. Bluestone enhances standard EJB functionality with global-class services not yet defined by the EJB specification, including XML persistence mapping, Dynamic XSL Stylesheets, load balancing, application management, security, and Universal Listener Framework (ULF) scheduling services. The Bluestone Universal Business Server for TeB also employs a Dynamic XSL Engine that lets users automatically detect client device types and generate the proper delivery format, whether it is a cell phone, palmtop device, desktop browser, application, or other client type. Bluestone Universal Business Server for TeB relies on XML for a number of services, including the persistence map that permanently stores the state of an application. XML gives the Bluestone Universal Business Server for TeB high-performance support for fine-grained objects in an EJB. Bluestone XML-Server for TeB provides XML and legacy integration services. The server also features a transformation engine that performs XML-to-XML document translations and DTD-to-DTD translations to facilitate communications with customers and partners via disparate DTDs and documents. Bluestone Connector Capability provides a broad array of application integration services to legacy systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and IBM mainframe IMS, CICS, and MQSeries applications. Bluestone Connectors are also available for commerce systems, such as CyberCash, Taxware, Verity, OpenMarket, UPS Worldship, and others. Bluestone’s Total-e-Server will be generally available on July 1, 2000 with pricing starting at $60,000.

eBusiness Technologies Announces engenda

eBusiness Technologies announced engenda, a Web content management and workflow application that enables customers to integrate with any application server to dynamically deliver and personalize content. engenda features eBusiness Technologies’ core content management capabilities – including workflow, editions, templates, and dynamic assembly – while leveraging the strengths of application servers to provide personalization, transaction processing and other delivery related capabilities. Key features of engenda include: Secure, intuitive, scalable, Web browser-based workflow system; Easy, collaborative content contribution with forms-based authoring and templating; Transparent Microsoft Word-to-XML conversion for non-technical users; A centralized content repository and content management engine; Separation of content, logic and presentation for dynamic page assembly; and integrated deployment capabilities to move approved files to the application server. engenda is serviced and supported by eBusiness Technologies’ Professional Services Group and several industry-leading application server vendors through the company’s Technology Alliance Program. engenda is available immediately with prices starting at $70,000.

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