POET Software announced a third major release of its popular B2B eCatalog management solution. Targeted specifically for the emerging class of eSuppliers, POET eCatalog Suite Supplier Resident Edition is a comprehensive supply-side solution for creating, managing, and distributing custom eCatalogs to customers, eProcurement networks and eMarketplaces. The release of POET eCatalog Suite Supplier Resident Edition expands catalog management with a browser based interface for online access by buyers to manage their eCatalog requirements, an expanded schema for multi-supplier aggregation, and complete scheduling capabilities across POET eCS’ range of functions. For suppliers using SAP’s R/3, tailored data extraction has also been added. POET eCS supports all major eCatalog exchange formats as well as data export to websites and print catalog applications. Using POET eCS, suppliers import content to a central eCS data repository, or “master catalog” of products. Buyer profiles store each recipient’s preferred catalog content, contract pricing, and preferred commodity codification system, which are customized to reflect the supplier’s specific attribute, media, and industry requirements. A powerful transformation engine creates custom eCatalogs in all major catalog formats, including xCBL, cXML, and BME-CAT. For other XML and flat file formats, the Catalog Developer’s Kit (CDK) facilitates rapid creation, customization and deployment to ensure all customer requirements are met. With POET eCS, each eCatalog is customized for the user, destination, and protocol. POET eCS Supplier Resident Edition will be available in mid- June with pricing starting at $60,000. www.poet.com