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Day: May 14, 2000

eXcelon Introduces Portal Server

eXcelon Corporation introduced two new products that lower the barrier to participate in B2B eCommerce and create information-rich B2B portals. eXcelon’s B2B Portal Server is a new platform that automatically collects and publishes business content from anywhere in a partner network to a central, interactive eBusiness site. Xpress, part of the eXcelon B2B Integration Server product family, is new B2B technology that quickly connects an organization to thousands of partners to create cross-organization business processes that increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and allow end-to-end visibility and control of business operations. To provide a central location for products, services and information stored in a partner network, organizations can deploy eXcelon’s new B2B Portal Server. The Portal Server aggregates, manages and publishes content from the partner network to create highly interactive, personalized eBusiness sites that connect partners to live business information. Highly customizable, the Portal Server enables organizations to create a central, customizable location for viewing anything from product catalogs to more industry-specific content such as insurance policies and financial records. Based on XML technology, the Portal Server quickly integrates with a B2B network, providing a central viewing point for critical business data. With its data aggregation, search and personalization capabilities, users across the entire partner network gain increased efficiency, the means to make better business decisions and the ability to collaborate with partners all over the world. By providing partners with multiple levels of integration with the hub organization, eXcelon Xpress enables partners of all sizes and technical ability to integrate with a partner network with little or no investment in additional technology. When installed at the hub organization, as part of eXcelon’s B2B Integration Server, Xpress enables partners to log into the partner network with only a browser or handheld device. With the browser, partners can submit sales forecasts, initiate purchase orders and participate in any cross-business processes defined by the partner network. This option requires no technology investment from partners. For partners that would like to increase their level of integration and automation with the hub organization, Xpress can be installed on the partner side. eXcelon Xpress and the B2B Portal Server are available now for Windows NT and Solaris. The B2BPS is expected to be available for AIX and HP-UX in Q2 2000. Acquires Chili Pepper, Inc., Inc. announced that it has acquired Chili Pepper, Inc., an advertising agency and consulting firm. The acquisition enables to leverage Chili Pepper’s online marketing expertise to further expand’s existing eMerchandising capabilities. will capitalize on Chili Pepper’s expertise in strategic brand consulting, direct marketing, consumer research, media buying and creative services, intensifying’s position as a market maker for premium content. The integration of Chili Pepper’s marketing services with’s existing services, digital rights management and commerce-enabled distribution, positions to be a comprehensive solution for publishers of premium content. Packaging, positioning and promoting digital goods online requires highly targeted direct marketing expertise. The market making approach allows customers to merchandise their premium digital goods to highly targeted consumer segments quickly and efficiently.’s patented combination of technology and services provide a comprehensive solution to marketing valuable digital goods, combining content security, targeted content merchandising and a complete multi-channel eCommerce distribution system. The combination of and Chili Pepper teams will result in a strategic fusion that increases the bandwidth of the total organization and further differentiates as a market maker for premium content versus its technology-based, security-focused competitors.

Intelisys Partners with Mercado to Offer Multi-Catalog Search

Intelisys Electronic Commerce Inc. and Mercado Software announced an e-marketplace infrastructure that enables intuitive search across multi-supplier catalogs without the need for supplier data normalization. Mercado Software’s IntuiFind technology enables the normalization of multiple suppliers’ data into a single virtually aggregated catalog, relieving suppliers and trading exchange sponsors from the expensive and lengthy rationalization process. This supplier-managed content process allows suppliers to quickly and easily post their products to the trading exchange. IntuiFind provides user-friendly interaction, allowing users to easily browse comprehensive offerings, compare items and instantly make purchases from any of the participating suppliers. Mercado Software’s IntuiFind technology will be integrated into all Intelisys-Powered communities. Mercado Software’s IntuiFind complements Intelisys ConnectTrade for electronic marketplaces because it is uniquely suited to searching complex, multi-supplier environments. IntuiFind helps customers find exactly what they want regardless of spelling, terminology or how products are categorized. By using a series of knowledge banks and linguistic tools, the software allows free-form text queries that are correlated with all product information stored in a database or across multiple data sources.,

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