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Day: May 2, 2000

NextPage Launches Content Networking Platform

NextPage announced the launch of a Web-based content delivery platform. This platform, the Content Network, enables users to simultaneously access Internet sites, databases, intranets and document repositories as if the data existed in a single location. NextPage solutions are targeted at companies establishing corporate portals as well as professional publishers seeking to publish high-value content to customers inside corporate intranets. The Content Network searches, navigates, categorizes and personalizes information across disparate content sources. Two core products form the foundation of this new technology: LiveEnterprise software for corporate intranets, and LivePublish software for Internet publishers. LiveEnterprise provides users a single point of access to retrieve and organize information from file types, such as XML, HTML, Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files, which are stored in relational databases, file systems and on the Web. With LivePublish, professional publishers can assemble and deliver content on the Internet and inside corporate intranets. Inside LiveEnterprise and LivePublish is a software adapter, called the Content Network Adapter, that creates a continuous link between all content servers within the Content Network. This live link, called LiveSyndication, connects users to information in almost any format and in any location. The technology overcomes today’s practice of IT departments having to centralize content to make it available within a corporate portal.

Delano Announces XML Support for B2B Document Exchange

Delano Technology Corporation announced the release of the Delano Component Pack for XML, which extends the Delano e-Business Interaction Suite to provide native support for XML and the standard XML document formats used in B2B applications. By leveraging XML, the Delano Component Pack for XML increases the level of integration between Delano e-business applications and enterprise applications, including ERP and legacy systems, enabling enterprises to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of interacting with business partners over the web, e-mail, and other communication channels. The Delano Component Pack for XML, coupled with the Delano e-Business Interaction Suite allows companies to leverage existing databases, enterprise applications and systems infrastructure to automatically exchange data between disparate and/or legacy applications, as well as supplier and partner systems. Through the efficient use and integration of XML and e-business applications, an enterprise can significantly reduce the costs associated with B2B interactions via EDI or manual processes. The Delano Component Pack for XML facilitates commerce interactions between trading partners, enabling buyers and suppliers to tighten relationships and extend trading opportunities. Leveraging the open nature of the Delano e-Business Interaction Suite, the Delano Component Pack for XML provides support for all current and emerging B2B communication standards, including BizTalk, OASIS, cXML, xCBL, OBI, W3C XML, and RosettaNet. This enables enterprises to extract and understand data from these XML standards to further support the automated exchange of B2B documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, through electronic channels. The Delano Component Pack for XML is immediately available from Delano, or a Delano authorized reseller.

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