Inprise/Borland announced the immediate availability of Borland MIDAS 3, middleware technology and components for rapidly building Delphi and C++ Builder Internet applications. Now supporting XML and Dynamic HTML, MIDAS 3 substantially increases the scalability and flexibility of large-scale Internet applications. Inprise/Borland also announced modified MIDAS licensing that will now allow small- to medium-sized businesses to gain the same advantages as large corporations as they extend their businesses to the Internet. MIDAS 3 simplifies and speeds up the development, integration, and deployment of thin-client, distributed Internet applications. It speeds data access across all application tiers from the client to the database server through fast remote-data access and intelligent data synchronization, which together optimize network bandwidth. Solutions built with MIDAS can take advantage of its support for e-commerce standards including CORBA, COM/MTS, XML and dynamic HTML. This ensures application interoperability and extensibility. MIDAS will support Linux when Inprise/Borland’s Project Kylix ships later this year. Project Kylix is a Linux component based development environment for two-way visual development of graphical user interface, Internet, database, and server applications. Free development licenses of MIDAS are included with Inprise/Borland’s application development tools, Borland Delphi and C++Builder Enterprise. MIDAS server deployment is priced using a per-server license scheme. MIDAS 3 server deployment licenses with unlimited client access are available now directly from Inprise/Borland for $299.95. This price is in U.S. dollars and applies only in the United States. International customers should contact their local Inprise/Borland offices, distributors, or representatives.