Reuters launched a new delivery mechanism for its Media news products. The Reuters Internet Delivery System (IDS) enables Reuters to deliver its news content in XML. Text news as well as photos and video files can be delivered either as independent media streams or as linked multimedia news packages. Web publishers can choose to display the content using their own XML style sheets or they can use a simple display template supplied by Reuters. IDS will be used as the principal delivery mechanism for Reuters growing range of Online Report services. Reuters is currently involved in a number of XML standards initiatives and, as a member of the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), initiated the development of an XML encoding for news called NewsML. NewsML is part of the IPTC 2000 initiative launched last year to develop an XML-based framework for structuring and managing news objects in a multimedia environment. IDS utilizes a Reuters prototype NewsML DTD. IDS uses Kinecta’s syndication software, based on ICE (Information and Content Exchange), which enables customers to dynamically receive fresh news content across the Internet as it is published by Reuters.