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Day: April 18, 2000

Haht & Commerce One Partner

HAHT Software, Inc. and Commerce One, Inc. announced the execution of a preliminary, non-binding memorandum of understanding to facilitate the creation of “open” dynamic B2B trading communities. The two companies intend to work together to make it possible for sellers to gain immediate access to a broad range of buying organizations. HAHT is integrating its entire e-commerce suite with the Commerce One MarketSite Global Trading Portal for exchanging goods and services among businesses worldwide. The suite includes all of the HAHT Commerce e-Scenarios, plus HAHT Sellside Links and HAHT Sellside Exchange. The joint effort will enable HAHT’s enterprise e-sellers to connect once to Commerce One MarketSite, reaching a vast number of buyers on MarketSite as well as other business-to-business Internet portals on the Commerce One Global Trading Web. This will allow for more efficient intra-company workflow, enhanced information-sharing capabilities, and more closely integrated buyer-seller relationships. HAHT and Commerce One will define open XML-based solutions spanning product configuration, quotation, requisition, order management, fulfillment and payment processes. In addition, HAHT and Commerce One intend to collaborate on XML schemas and business document definitions and interfaces, enabling accurate document exchange between heterogeneous systems and multiple trading partners. HAHT’s solutions will support Commerce One’s XML-standard, xCBL (Common Business Library), and utilize Commerce One’s XCC (XML Commerce Connector) toolkit to implement the joint business libraries. XML-based solutions provide a basis for rapid development and deployment of transactions and business processes across dissimilar applications, systems and software.,

MediaBridge Technologies Unveils Cross Media eMarketing Solution

MediaBridge Technologies unveiled its closed loop targeted cross media eMarketing solution designed to help businesses deliver a consistent branded experience to their customers using both online and offline media channels. The suite, which includes six interrelated components, helps businesses deliver promotions and advertising initiatives with consistent brand positioning, promotion campaigns, and rich-media content. The MediaBridge solution includes tools enabling marketers to manage company product knowledge assets to build a wide variety of promotions from a single-source content database. MediaBridge’s eMarketing solution provides benefits for both pure Internet and brick and mortar companies. By enabling marketers to drive a consistent message and branded promotion across most media – Web, email, WAP phones, and traditional print media – companies can employ eMarketing strategies that are designed to be the most effective for a given demographic audience. Through alliances with companies like Unisys, Engage, Retek, KPMG Consulting, Adobe Systems and Breakaway Solutions, MediaBridge is able to meet a wide range of complex promotion planning and content management needs. MediaBridge’s promo.planner enables merchandisers and marketers to manage product and promotion information. Promo.planner provides a single point for managing: SKU data, marketing information, and promotional information. MediaBridge’s content.server is a workflow, content and media asset management system built on a rich media database that supports cross-media, multi-media promotions. MediaBridge’s profile.server uses anonymous behavior and interest profiling technology to capture viewing behavior and interests of Web site visitors. MediaBridge’s promo.server provides real-time dynamic promotional creation and delivery across internet-enabled devices. XML-based, promo.server supports browsers, wireless and broadband, as well as rich media formats. MediaBridge’s smartmedia.server connects to content.server and makes stored images and other media assets available to the Web. MediaBridge’s approval.server is an internet-based promotion approval system for proofing online and offline media promotions.

Documentum Releases 4i eBusiness Edition

Documentum announced the release of Documentum 4i eBusiness Edition, a content management platform for creating, personalizing, managing, and delivering web and enterprise content. Documentum 4i eBusiness Edition provides a common enterprise infrastructure that dynamically combines business-critical enterprise content with web content to fuel every e-business initiative: B2B, B2C and B2E. This release also introduces advanced content personalization that can target rich content to an individual, a local geography or a target device in a closed loop system that can, based on user profile and usage, “learn” from past behavior to enrich subsequent interactions and further personalize content delivery. At the heart of the 4i eBusiness Edition is the eContent server. In addition to version control, audit trail, and security capabilities, the eContent server automates and implements the business policies and workflows to manage all types of content stored in the content repository. Complementing the eContent server is WebPublisher which streamlines and expedites the entire process of content creation, contribution, and collaboration with an easy-to-use user interface. Documentum 4i includes the new Web Development Kit, offering Java application classes and components. 4i Web Development Kit takes advantage of standards such as ASP, JSP and Java. 4i eBusiness Edition also comes with a set of eCommerce integrators to integrate with application servers and commerce servers such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, ATG Dynamo, and BroadVision one-to-one Enterprise.

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