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Day: April 16, 2000

Ironside Technologies Delivers XML-Based Exchange Integration Module

Ironside Technologies Inc. announced the Ironside XCHANGE trading exchange integration module. Available today, Ironside XCHANGE provides an XML-based transaction standard for online trading exchanges without a transaction protocol in place. Ironside XCHANGE provides online exchanges all of the essential business actions required for sellers and buyers to effectively conduct business, enabling static “informediary” exchanges to immediately support dynamic trade. Trading exchanges integrating sellers with this module are able to immediately broker real-time transactions and queries such as product availability, market-specific price and available-to-promise (ATP) status. Ironside XCHANGE is available free of charge to any online trading exchange without a transaction protocol in place. Once Ironside XCHANGE is in place, trading exchanges have immediate real-time access to the entire Ironside Network seller community, which is the industry’s largest group of business suppliers.

Software AG Opens U.S. Subsidiary to Focus on Market for Native XML Products

Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, has opened a new U.S. arm, aggressively focused on marketing native XML technology to companies in the United States. Software AG’s XML offering, Tamino, a native XML information server, is part of a full suite of native XML products Software AG is offering for mission-critical e-business. Tamino is a complete Web-enabled data management system for data exchange and application integration. Unlike relational databases, it stores, retrieves and exchanges data in XML as its natural format, without the need for conversion to other formats.

New Release of Softshare Delta Improves EDI & XML Translation

Softshare announced the immediate availability of Softshare Delta 2.0. The new Softshare Delta release includes many user-friendly enhancements to further assist in the integration between e-commerce and traditional data formats. The latest version of Softshare Delta is built upon a core mapping product that translates EDI and XML documents into flat file or database formats — and vice versa. Delta also supports mapping to text formats, such as HTML, to aid in Web integration. Softshare Delta 2.0 incorporates several new prominent features, including support of the Microsoft BizTalk Framework. Softshare Delta’s support of this XML framework allows Delta users to integrate BizTalk documents into their business environment. Delta users can generate and automatically address BizTalk documents using the framework’s approved set of XML tags as well as author BizTalk-compatible XML schemas for use throughout the trading partner community. Other features added in this release are Microsoft Visual SourceSafe integration for map version tracking, flat file optimizations for faster map execution, and improved trouble-shooting features. Available for $3,600-$5,800, Softshare Delta works with Softshare Vista 2.0 or Softshare’s Electronic Commerce Server (ECS) application for data communications, tracking and map execution management. Current Delta users will receive the Delta 2.0 upgrade at no additional cost.

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