Datawatch Corporation announced an XML product suite that transforms legacy transaction documents and text data streams into XML on an automated basis. The suite, which will be available to Datawatch partners next quarter and to end-users in the fall, includes a Windows-based XML GUI designer and an XML Data Pump. The technology will also be incorporated into Datawatch’s own line of enterprise reporting products. Datawatch’s new XML Suite allows transaction data, statement data, EDI streams, and other structured document information to be extracted, scrubbed, transformed, validated, and converted to well-formed XML on an automated basis without new programming. Datawatch’s product suite includes a Windows-based XML GUI designer and an XML Data Pump. Each product will be available first as an enabling technology for Datawatch partners and then as an end user product. The XML GUI Designer allows the user to view a sample copy of the input document and break it into templates and fields. Each template generates a table of records which can be logically filtered and extended through calculated fields and database joins. The designer also provides a visual interface for defining the relationship through which the input templates map to an XML schema. The XML Data Pump, when fed an individual input document or stream of documents, has the ability to search the document profile database and associate the appropriate profile with the input. Using the profile, the XML Data Pump generates and outputs a series of XML documents.