Bowstreet announced the Bowstreet Business Web Exchange, an open Internet community where companies can find, acquire and customize other companies’ “web services” from the Exchange, as well as publish web services to it to build their businesses. Bowstreet is replacing the traditional model of building custom B2B applications – coding line by line with a simpler approach. Line-of-business managers will visit the Exchange to find, obtain, exchange and publish web services, which are complete business processes wrapped in XML. Without technical help, managers will snap these web services into their B2B web systems to automate the creation of dynamic and customized business webs, or B2B web marketplaces. Business managers can blend and customize the web services they acquire, then deploy them in unique combinations to customers, partners and suppliers. Each web service contains all of the publisher’s terms of use, allowing companies to expand their market reach and commercial horsepower without in-depth negotiations. As a result, companies can scale their business relationships as quickly as they can conceive of new business models and mutually beneficial relationships. With XML-based web services, companies can now instantly connect their back-end systems with partners’ systems, automating their business processes over the Internet without IT help. In addition to creating custom web pages, web services can send output such as stock prices, catalog data or custom flight information to pagers, wireless phones and computer systems. Each web service will contain all the instructions, code, documentation, templates and usage examples a web service consumer needs. Bowstreet also announced Business Web Factory 2.0. A special, free Marketplace Edition of the Bowstreet Business Web Factory will be available on the Bowstreet Business Web Exchange to get companies started publishing, obtaining and deploying web services at no cost.