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Day: March 8, 2000

Interface Systems Adds Wireless Support to L2i

Interface Systems announced that its L2i products will support WAP via WML (Wireless Markup Language) and HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language). The Company said its MyCopy software will be the first L2i application to take advantage of the emerging wireless technology, which will enable brokerage firms to deliver information contained in confirms, margin calls and other documents to their clients via wireless devices. Interface Systems, Inc.’s Legacy-to-Internet (L2i) technology allows any Internet application to access and make full use of information stored on legacy systems. The company specializes in Internet bill presentment and payment, as well as electronic delivery of statements and other legacy content to the Internet, fax, email, and other destinations. Interface helps its customers extend the life, the reach, and the value of their existing information systems.

PageFlex Signs License with HP for Mpower

Pageflex, Inc., a subsidiary of Bitstream, announced that it has entered into a worldwide license agreement with Hewlett Packard Company. Under the agreement, HP will license Mpower, Pageflex’s XML-based marketing on demand solution. Pageflex Mpower gives enterprise organizations the ability, from a Web browser, to design and produce customized marketing communications on demand. Mpower enables them to transcend the limitations of “one size fits all” communications by tailoring messages to an audience, whether that’s a group or a single individual. Mpower incorporates Pageflex’s NuDoc XML page layout engine to generate print output documents on-the-fly.

Vendors Join Pacific Edge To Define Project Management XML Schema

Pacific Edge Software Inc. announced that, Great Plains, Onyx Software, PlanView, Primavera Systems and Welcom have joined Pacific Edge Software to define the XML schema for project management. The flexible, business-to-business schema will enable intelligent project data exchange between an organization’s information systems. The coalition of collaboration technology, e-business solutions, CRM, project management, workforce management and PKM companies will work together to forge an open industry standard by making modifications, extensions and enhancements to Pacific Edge Software’s XML schema for project management., Great Plains, Onyx Software, PlanView, Primavera Systems and Welcom will work with Pacific Edge Software to update the Project Management XML schema on a regular basis. The schema and its source can be viewed at and

X12 Cozies-Up to XML

The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is accelerating its processes, expanding its reach to include XML and object oriented electronic data interchange (OO-EDI) and collaborating with related standards development initiatives. ASC X12’s collaborative efforts with e-commerce organizations will help support the requirements of a broad base of users by bringing together the EDI foundation with XML development. To accomplish these objectives, the committee focused at its recent ASC X12 meeting on refining the goals of the newly created XML Task Group, which is charged with providing X12 input into complementary XML initiatives. This group covers the breadth of XML technical work and facilitates a forum for industry experts to address similar initiatives. In a parallel move, the X12 Committee actively participates in and formally endorses the Electronic Business XML (ebXML) initiative, which is working to provide an open XML-based infrastructure enabling the global use of electronic business information in an interoperable, secure and consistent manner by all involved parties. ASC X12 will pursue its XML development efforts within the framework being defined by ebXML. Furthermore, the committee encourages XML education and the development of emerging business requirements. By offering its expertise on “Procurement Using a Purchasing Card as Payment Method,” the committee completed work on the OO-EDI standards pilot project, demonstrating a next generation of EDI utilizing unified modeling language methodology. The committee will continue to research and develop core components for plug-and-play solutions that utilize OO-EDI, XML, and other emerging syntaxes.

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