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Day: January 19, 2000

Green Pasture Announces New Version of Document Management Software

Green Pasture Software announced GPS W/EDGE 2000, a new version of its Internet-based GPS W/EDGE document management software. GPS W/EDGE features the ability to manage technical documents like CAD files created with AutoCAD or MicroStation. GPS W/EDGE also features tools that help companies track document versions and revisions efficiently. GPS designed its GPS W/EDGE 2000 software to run on top of FileNET’s Panagon 2000 integrated document management system. The combined power of GPS W/EDGE 2000 and Panagon 2000 enables companies to automate the process of tracking versions and revisions and controlling rights to documents at different points in their life-cycle for many document types, including CAD files, word processing documents, spread sheets and images.

R.R. Donnelley Financial Aligns with Harvard Translations

R.R. Donnelley Financial has formed an alliance with Harvard Translations of Cambridge, Massachusetts to provide accurate and timely non-English composition. Harvard Translations’ expertise in multilingual composition will be used in the production of the financial documents Donnelley Financial produces for its capital markets and investment company clients. Under an agreement between the companies, Harvard Translations will assemble a dedicated team, staffed by native speakers of the target languages, to serve Donnelley Financial and its clients exclusively. Harvard Translations’ multilingual team will be integrated into Donnelley Financial’s worldwide composition system and global network. Donnelley Financial’s worldwide composition hubs will work in multiple shifts to respond quickly to client requests for rapid-turnaround composition services in any European language.,

Hummingbird Announces Availability of Portal for Linux

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. announced their enterprise information portal for the Linux environment. Building on core Hummingbird technologies, the Hummingbird EIP provides a single point of access to all business-critical information and resources including structured and unstructured enterprise data. Beyond access, the Hummingbird EIP works by connecting users to content in context, enabling them to quickly process, filter, and act upon information from any enterprise source. The Hummingbird EIP uses XML as the base data and metadata exchange mechanism between the different EIP components. XML is also leveraged to communicate with applications that work in conjunction with the Hummingbird EIP. The EIP’s “Theme” capability supports multiple levels of user personalization providing organizations with the ability to preserve their corporate identity while allowing knowledge workers to customize their own portal pages. Application integration services enable the EIP to provide users with a centralized, unified, and consistent environment for interactions with all applications. The Hummingbird EIP ships with interfaces to all Hummingbird products, as well as to many other applications using its innovative e-Clip plug-in architecture. Pricing and Availability: The Hummingbird EIP is available immediately. Enterprise pricing starts at US $100,000.

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