Media-Bridge Technologies, Inc. introduced a full suite of solutions to help leading retailers, catalog businesses and media companies connect customers and brands across media. Media-Bridge enables businesses to manage content and promotions across virtually any media – print, the Web and e-mail. Powerful multi-channel marketing functionality combines with advanced content management and workflow to deliver the retail, catalog and publishing industries sophisticated one-to-one marketing capabilities and streamlined workflows regardless of chosen delivery media. Through partnerships with Vignette, Engage, Retek, Quebecor, Adobe Systems, Breakaway Solutions and other technology powerhouses, Media-Bridge is now able to meet a wide range of complex e-marketing and content management needs. Media-Bridge helps its customers create closed loop marketing environments with solutions that link legacy product and customer databases to Media-Bridge’s promotion planning and content management systems. Merchants, creative staffs, and publishers are able to create targeted promotional campaigns based on customer profile information to drive multiple media channels. Media-Bridge is a new company formed with the recently announced merger between Cascade Systems, Inc. and UK-based MidSystems Technology Inc. Media-Bridge offers three industry solutions that can be customized to specific customer requirements. The Media-Bridge retail industry solution is comprehensive, allowing retailers to create sophisticated media marketing plans, efficiently produce Web, e-mail and traditional print campaigns, and incorporate advanced e-commerce and e-publishing technology. The company’s catalog industry solution enables catalog businesses to develop targeted catalogs and personalized promotions for Internet and print by integrating product data and customer profile information. These tools achieve dynamic interactive marketing online – enabling businesses to realize the dream of one-to-one marketing. Key features of the Media-Bridge catalog industry solution include: Access to all relevant product data, customer and marketing data; Tools that support coordinating customer and product data with real-time collaboration between merchants and content creators; Support for whatever combination of delivery media will provide the best return while maintaining consistent branding; and an architecture ready to support future delivery media. Finally, Media-Bridge enables publishers to re-position their trusted brand in the interactive age and build strong relationships with their advertisers and customers. Media-Bridge gives publishers the ability to publish any time, for any target audience, on the Web or in