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Day: January 11, 2000

SoftQuad & Software AG Form Alliance

SoftQuad Software Inc. and Software AG have announced a joint initiative to integrate SoftQuad’s XMetaL XML authoring environment and Software AG’s Tamino XML Information Server. The integrated products provide customers with a complete solution for developing, managing and publishing XML content for a wide variety of electronic business applications. In the first stage in the partnership, Software AG will deliver a Tamino partner solutions CD containing Tamino and XML tools useful for creating XML applications, including SoftQuad’s XMetaL.

Infoshark Provides XML Schema to BizTalk.Org

infoShark, inc. announced that its Commerce Accelerated Relational Data (CARD) Schema has been accepted by Microsoft’s BizTalk Framework. infoShark’s CARD schema is unique in that it enables the bi-directional exchange of relational data over the Internet. The schema provides all the necessary information to recreate relational databases and populate them with their data via the Internet. Terabytes of health and financial records, pricing information, sports scores and personnel records are stored in databases around the world. CARD schema provides a simple mechanism for specifying the price of individual data points (the data found within a given row and column). It is infoShark’s vision that this schema would further facilitate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data across various web-enabled products. CARD schema is currently available for use by developers of e-commerce software at Today 17 different companies have referenced the schema for their own use.

Bristol Technology Announces eXactML

Bristol Technology Inc. announced eXactML, a new software product that allows software developers to accelerate the implementation of XML in eBusiness applications. eXactML, Bristol’s first entry into the eBusiness market space, enables C++ applications to speak XML in minutes rather than days. eXactML simplifies the task of adding XML to applications by generating object-oriented interfaces for reading and writing valid XML content based on any DTD or schema. eXactML drastically reduces the time and expertise needed to support XML, while improving application quality. eXactML Version 1.0 is currently available for C++ code generation. The eXactML executable runs on Windows platforms; the resulting source code can be compiled on Windows, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and Red Hat Linux. Introductory pricing is $495 per developer.

WapWorld Service Launched By Jingo

UK-based Jingo has just launched an independent European dial-up WAP gateway. The WapWorld.Net gateway puts information at your fingertips and already has thousands of users dialing in daily for news and information. The initial content consists of news, weather and features such as horoscopes and jokes. The content is being developed in-house at Jingo by an experienced editorial team and is set to expand massively over the coming months. Jingo has developed independent software solutions to drive WapWorld and to deliver Internet services to users. The WAP gateway has been pre-installed on all Nokia 7110 WAP phones sold through The Carphone Warehouse.

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