Excalibur Technologies announced availability of Excalibur RetrievalWare for FileNET Panagon, along with beta support for Panagon 2000, which it plans to deliver in Q1 2000. Excalibur RetrievalWare for FileNET Panagon IDM (Integrated Document Management) Document Services provides access to all information managed by Panagon as well as a single point of access, or knowledge portal, to all of the organization’s knowledge repositories. It enables end-users to seamlessly and securely search for information in a variety of FileNET document repositories and provides customers with proprietary advanced ranking capabilities to allow searches to be reviewed based on relevance. Using the new system, knowledge workers spend less time looking for and re-creating stored knowledge, and more time creating value for their organizations. In addition, RetrievalWare for Panagon features close integration with the Panagon security model and with the Panagon web browser client to ensure that RetrievalWare will never allow a user to retrieve a document they are not able to view when working inside Panagon. www.excalib.com