Epic Data International Inc. announced the full product release of EPIConnect: Warehouse Edition, a shrink-wrapped software application for the SAP R/3 logistics system. EPIConnect is the first in a new generation of wireless applications developed with eXpresso, Epic Data’s development environment based on XML and Java technologies. The eXpresso application development environment provides operating system independence for servers and mobile devices. On the server side, eXpresso enables application development for all major operating systems including Windows NT, UNIX and Linux. On a mobile device, eXpresso provides a rich application development environment for both ‘thin client’ and ‘thick client’ applications on DOS, Windows CE and the Palm operating system, as well as proprietary platforms. EPIConnect’s simple user menus allow a worker with no training in SAP R/3 to enter data into the host ERP system. This makes it ideal for use in warehouse operations that require paperless receiving, storage and shipment of raw materials and finished goods. By linking shop floor operations to the ERP system, EPIConnect provides a critical component of e-commerce-real-time data. www.epicdata.com