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Day: December 12, 1999

Art Technology Group & net.Genesis Announce Alliance

Art Technology Group, Inc. and net.Genesis Corp. announced a strategic technology and joint marketing alliance aimed at providing companies with the business-critical information necessary to increase the effectiveness of business-rule driven Web site interactions. As part of the alliance, the two companies will develop and market a custom release of net.Genesis’ net.Analysis applications, including net.Instrument for Dynamo and CartSmarts for Dynamo, that will provide the business manager with the tools necessary to capture, measure and correlate online behavior on Web sites based on ATG’s Dynamo product suite. The combined solution will allow visitor actions and events that occur within Dynamo to be captured and analyzed, enabling businesses to improve strategic and tactical decision making about marketing, selling and supporting products online. The solution will allow personalization-driven business rules generated from within Dynamo to be quickly and accurately adjusted based on net.Analysis’ data collection and analysis capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of personalized Web-based interactions. A business manager can then use this analysis to develop refined content targeting rules, navigational flows, content groupings and categorization, targeted product offerings and other personalization business rules. By tailoring site content and features in such a manner, businesses can satisfy the preferences of their most valuable customers, improve the conversion of customers, and build loyalty based upon understanding the customer’s key factors and influences on his or her purchase decision-making.,

HR-XML Framework Consortium to Deliver Standards for Staffing & Recruiting

The HR-XML Consortium announced that more than 25 organizations have endorsed an XML framework designed to enable web-based workforce management and recruiting services. Based on open, business-to-business e-commerce models, these next- generation workforce management and recruiting services promise to deliver employers greater ROI for their staffing expenditures, while giving HR and staffing vendors new opportunities for growth and profit. The HR-XML Consortium is a newly formed non-profit group dedicated to the development and promotion of standardized human-resources-related XML vocabularies for enabling business-to-business e-commerce and the automation of inter-company exchanges of human resources data. Staffing and Recruiting is the first of many HR areas that the HR-XML Consortium will standardize.

New Management-Specific XML App from Manage.Com

A “dialect” of XML specifically designed to let on-line businesses and service providers manage the delivery of services to their customers across extranets has been developed by Manage.Com. The new manageXML language enables users of Manage.Com’s FrontLine e.M eBusiness management software to create a set of document-like descriptions of managed objects, including Internet infrastructure devices, transactions and business processes. The documents, which establish inter-object relationships and dependencies, supply FrontLine e.M with the basis for provisioning services and taking corrective action. manageXML can model not only physical objects but also logical entities. This is essential in representing logical objects such as managed services, for example, and modeling eCommerce sessions that simulate a user’s progress through a series of transactions. manageXML has four major components: object data sources, object definitions, service management logic and service control panels. manageXML Included with manageXML is an Authoring Kit that provides software tools, templates, examples and documentation designed to facilitate the creation, validation and testing of manageXML documents. Key components of the kit include manageXML authoring tools, which help vendors and integrators wishing to build new manageXML documents using previously defined vendor-specific documents or transfer managed definitions originally created as SNMP MIBs; the manageXML static validator, which ensures correct syntax and format of documents created in manageXML; and a manageXML object validator, which enables correct formation of manageXML documents. manageXML and the manageXML Authoring Kit are available free of charge to users of Manage.Com’s FrontLine e.M software. In addition, an initial set of manageXML documents, developed by Manage.Com, is available now for six managed objects: Windows NT, IIS, SQLServer, Microsoft Exchange, MIB II and the Cisco 2500/7000 routers. A second set of documents, to be available in January, will cover HTTP transactions, UNIX, Oracle, Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server, Check Point Firewall-1, POP3, Cisco Catalyst 5000 and Cisco PIX Firewall.

fourthchannel & Oberon Forge Partnership

fourthchannel customers can now easily link the Internet company’s e-commerce selling solutions to dozens of front- and back-office applications, thanks to a strategic partnership with Oberon Software Inc.. The new arrangement brings together fourthchannel, inc. with Oberon Software Inc. to provide a complete Internet Business Environment (IBE) for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. Oberon’s e-Enterprise Integration Platform provides the means for fast and complete integration with numerous front- and back-office applications and information-sharing technologies. This includes enterprise applications such as J.D. Edwards, Ariba, Manugistics, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft , and Baan , as well as technologies such as IBM’s MQSeries and XML, without costly and time-intensive custom programming. Integration between fourthchannel Release 2.0 and Oberon’s e-Enterprise integration platform will be available in the first quarter of 2000 through fourthchannel’s existing sales channels.,

Interworld & Interwoven Partner

InterWorld Corporation announced a strategic partnership with Interwoven, Inc. InterWorld’s Dev Station 3.0, an integrated development environment for developers and systems integrators, and InterWorld’s Design Station 3.0, an integrated environment for Web designers and content authors, will include pre-built adapters for Interwoven’s, TeamSite a product built specifically for enabling the creation, production and management of Web content. These adapters enable out-of-the-box integration with Interwoven TeamSite software.,

HP Posts e-speak Code as Open Source

Hewlett-Packard Company has made its e-speak source code freely available to software developers and the public via the Internet at More than 1,000 software developers are working with HP to develop applications on the e-speak platform; HP also is working with more than 100 business partners to create e-speak services. Examples of such businesses include an engineer dispatch e-service by Ericsson and a multimedia broker for training services by Helsinki Telephone. E-speak, announced by HP in May, is an Internet software technology platform developed by HP Labs designed to revolutionize the way people and businesses use the Net. Much like how HTML made it easy for people to find and access information anywhere on the World Wide Web, e-speak will make it possible to request and locate services on the Net. The e-speak development project is leveraging existing technologies and standards. Therefore, even some of the innovations in e-speak, such as the specification of negotiation policies and contracts that programs can understand and execute, use existing standard protocols such as XML. E-speak complements device-to-device communication, such as HP’s Chai, Sun’s Jini and Microsoft’s UpnP. E-speak leverages key collaborative technology-standardization efforts, such as RosettaNet, and Microsoft’s BizTalk. E-speak utilizes open technology standards on the Internet, including XML, LDAP, HTTP, WAP, SSL, SLP and SNMP.

Interwoven & net.Genesis Partner for Analysis-Driven Content Management

Interwoven, Inc. and net.Genesis Corp. announced a partnership and a combined solution, which drives changes in Web site content based on real-time site analysis. This solution will enable Interwoven TeamSite customers to target Web content based on the e-customer intelligence from net.Genesis net.Analysis reports. The combined solution will empower business managers to identify their most compelling content for particular customers and make timely changes to Web content in a controlled environment. For example, an eRetailer may test several different layouts for an online catalog and use information provided by net.Analysis to determine the most effective layout for turning lookers into buyers. Based on these results they will be able to make the appropriate revisions through TeamSite.,

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