Policy Management Systems Corporation (PMSC) announced through its wholly-owned subsidiary, DORN Technology Group, Inc., that DORN’s claims management system and its universal claims data specification are programmed in XML. In this case, XML will streamline the exchange of data between all those processing, managing and analyzing claims via the Internet. As a result, DORN’s claims management system, RISKMASTER/World, can reduce significantly the cost of handling claims online. The XML version of RISKMASTER/World will facilitate online communication between claims handlers such as self-insured organizations, third party adjusters, insurance pools, and insurance companies. XML eliminates many problems associated with incompatible data formats. For example, users can more easily exchange data via e-mail, browser, file, and live feeds. This new functionality will help DORN maintain its leadership among providers of online claims management systems. Meanwhile, DORN’s universal claims data specification will help claims application developers create custom XML tags that define where specific data elements begin and end. This helps speed the process of establishing a claims data standard for the entire claims industry. www.dorn.com, www.pmsc.com