Icon Information-Systems announced the release of version 3.0 of its XML Spy product. XML Spy is a professional validating XML editor that lets you edit all XML, XSL, Schema, and DTD files and provides four integrated views on the documents: The Enhanced Grid and Database View shows the entire structure of an XML document in a hierarchical presentation that allows in-place editing of all elements. Sequences of repeating elements are automatically transformed into a spreadsheet-like display. The Text View gives you the option to view the XML document in source form with customizable syntax-coloring and allows you to directly edit the source for low-level tasks. The integrated Browser View uses Internet Explorer 5 to render an XML document inside XML Spy. This view fully supports CSS and XSL style-sheets and can be displayed in a separate window. The new Import function enables the user to generate XML documents from a wide range of flat and relational data sources: text files, Word documents, Access files, and ODBC database sources. Complete Unicode and character-set encoding support are integrated for seamless data exchange with foreign languages or writing systems. www.icon-is.com