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Day: November 7, 1999 (Page 2 of 2)

ObjectSpace Releases Dynamic XML

ObjectSpace announced the general availability of Dynamic XML (DXML) 1.0 for Java. DXML simplifies XML development by allowing developers to create, write, and read XML documents as if they were standard Java Beans. Without DXML, developers face a much larger learning curve and must master the intricacies of low-level XML technology like parsers, DTDs and the DOM. ObjectSpace has released DXML free-of-charge to Java developers. DXML is also integrated into Voyager 3.1, the latest release of ObjectSpace’s product for enterprise distributed computing. DXML is available for immediate download from the ObjectSpace Web site at

Intraspect Introduces C-Business Solutions

Intraspect Software, Inc. introduced c-business solutions for implementing collaborative business practices within and beyond the enterprise. With the latest release of its product, Intraspect Knowledge Server 3.0 (IKS 3.0), Intraspect offers a platform for developing and deploying c-business solutions for web-based collaboration. IKS 3.0 includes several new features that make it easier to use, more reliable and more scalable by a factor of four, accommodating thousands of users per server. IKS complements the full suite of Microsoft desktop products, including Microsoft Outlook, Office 2000, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. The new release is easier to manage, and features enhanced personalization and customization. IKS 3.0 enables users to quickly personalize their environment by providing template engines that make customization even faster. In addition, IKS 3.0 leverages the latest standards – including Active Directory, LDAP, XML, WebDAV, and FTP – to allow integration into the enterprise. IKS 3.0 is expected to be available next month. The product will be available directly from Intraspect or through its channel partners. Pricing depends on the number of users. Enterprise deployments range from approximately $160-300 per user. IKS 3.0 can be purchased directly or licensed through subscription.

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