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Day: September 13, 1999

Web-Enabled iXOS-Archive 3.5 Available

iXOS Software AG, announced that its new web-enabled iXOS-ARCHIVE version 3.5 is now available. iXOS-ARCHIVE 3.5 has an integrated HTTP interface (already certified by SAP for interfacing with SAP ArchiveLink Release 4.5), that extends access to information via the web in addition to allowing business document management using a standard web browser.

Bluestone Integrates Technology with Cloudscape, Extensibility, Fiorano, PointBase, & Vervet Logic

Bluestone Software Inc. announced complementary product agreements with Cloudscape Inc., Extensibility Inc., Fiorano Software Inc., PointBase Inc., and Vervet Logic to bundle and integrate their XML technologies with Bluestone Visual-XML, the company’s toolkit for building XML applications. Fiorano/EMS brings its Java message-queuing and publish-subscribe communications listener and dispatcher, while Cloudscape adds its 100% Pure Java SQL database management system and its Cloudsync application synchronization facility. PointBase extends Bluestone’s XML functionality with its own 100% Pure Java SQL DBMS. In addition, Bluestone Visual-XML users now have access to a pair of advanced XML authoring tools — Extensibility’s XML Authority v1.0 XML schema design and conversion tool and Vervet Logic’s XML Pro v2.0 XML editor. Bluestone will bundle all five companion products with Bluestone Visual-XML, which will support plug-and-play integration of the products.

Commerce One Announces CBL 2.0

Commerce One, Inc. announced the Commerce One Common Business Library (CBL) 2.0, an XML specification for the cross-industry exchange of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, product descriptions, and shipping schedules. Commerce One CBL 2.0 is a set of XML building blocks and a document framework that allows the creation of reusable XML documents for electronic commerce. Using the CBL 2.0 document framework, businesses can conduct electronic commerce by exchanging business documents of different types. To enable companies to preserve their investment in existing standards such as traditional EDI, CBL 2.0 provides a transition path to XML-based commerce capability. Based on a broad range of Internet and commerce-related industry standards and specifications, CBL 2.0 is endorsed by the Microsoft BizTalk initiative, OASIS, the UN/CEFACT Techniques and Methodologies Working Group, and CommerceNet and its eCo Framework Project and Working Group. To encourage its industry-wide adoption and development, CBL 2.0 is free of charge and available immediately from e-commerce document repositories including,, CommerceNet and Commerce One

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