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Day: September 12, 1999 (Page 2 of 2)

BroadVision Introduces One-To-One 4.1

BroadVision, Inc. announced the availability of BroadVision One-To-One Knowledge 4.1. The application introduces sophisticated personalization referred to as “Personalized Navigation” as well as personalized content capabilities, new knowledge administration features, simpler publishing, and a higher level of integration with existing data sources.

A Flurry Of BizTalk Schema Announcements

In addition to some Biztalk announcements incorporated in product news there were a number of companies announcing Biztalk schemas or support, including: CollaTech Inc.,; Concur Technologies,; Clarus Corporation,; Softshare,; Bently Systems,; Prophet 21,; Cybertek,; Timberline Software,; Scala,; and Compaq,

Microsoft Announces Windows DNA 2000, Depth of XML Support, & Submits “SOAP” To IETF

Microsoft Corp. announced Windows Distributed interNet Architecture (Windows DNA) 2000, a comprehensive, integrated platform for building and operating distributed Web applications as well as Internet-based Web services. Web services represent an evolution from today’s Web sites that simply deliver pages to a browser. Richer, more personalized and more proactive, these Web services can directly link applications, services and devices with one another over the Internet. Microsoft is creating tools and infrastructure to make Web services into reusable, universally programmable building blocks that can be easily created, combined and augmented by developers around the world. Once programmable, Web services become another piece in the assembly of solutions that can span multiple software components, business processes and applications anywhere on the Internet. Windows DNA 2000 builds upon XML as its fundamental foundation to put the resources of the entire Internet within reach of developers. The Windows DNA 2000 family of solutions includes: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Commerce Server 4.0, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft “Babylon” Integration Server which provides bi-directional network, data and application integration with legacy hosts, Microsoft AppCenter, a new product that makes deployment and management of Windows DNA-based applications across high availability server “farms” as easy as managing a single server, Microsoft SQL Server “Shiloh”, the next generation of SQL Server 7.0 that adds native XML support and integrated data-mining capabilities, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft also submitted to the IETF an Internet draft specification for the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), an XML-based mechanism that bridges different object models over the Internet and provides an open mechanism for Web services to communicate with one another. Windows 2000 is expected to release to manufacturing this year. The other server products in the Windows DNA 2000 family will enter beta testing this year and are expected to be available by the middle of 2000.

Microsoft Releases BizTalk Jumpstart Kit

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of the freely downloadable BizTalk JumpStart Kit to aid developers in the immediate creation of BizTalk-compatible software applications. The Microsoft BizTalk JumpStart Kit makes it easier for developers to use XML schemas and the BizTalk Framework in current development projects and existing applications and to realize the benefits of XML for electronic-commerce and application integration within and across organizations. In addition, a library for BizTalk-compatible schemas is now live on the BizTalk.Org Web site, with more than 100 freely available schemas submitted by 30 organizations.

Ariba Integrates cXML Microsoft BizTalk

Ariba, Inc. announced it has completed its integration of Commerce XML (cXML) with the Microsoft BizTalk Framework. A member of the BizTalk Steering Committee, Ariba has integrated cXML with the BizTalk Framework to enable electronic exchange of business-to-business content, such as catalogs and purchase orders, between Ariba eCommerce solutions and the multitude of supplier Web sites based on the BizTalk Framework. cXML supports all supplier content and catalog methods, including buyer-managed, supplier-managed, content management services, electronic marketplaces, and Web-based sourcing organizations. In addition, cXML defines a request/response process for the exchange of transaction information for purchase orders, change orders, acknowledgments, status updates, ship notifications and other transactions. cXML is integrated with the BizTalk Framework using the XML-data Reduced (XDR) syntax. A list of supporting companies and additional information is available at

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