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Day: September 8, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

Technomation Publishes Schema for eProposals

Technomation Systems Inc. announced plans to support Microsoft’s BizTalk Framework by incorporating it into Technomation’s BizOffice Portal for eProposals (electronic proposals). Technomation’s eProposal XML schema will initially be offered as a schema for the exchange of eProposals and quotations along the integrated E-value chain of proposal creation, quote generation, order entry, inventory control, invoicing, and post-sales customer support. The eProposal XML schema will provide the means for transferring data and descriptions of products or services, including specifications, capabilities, and costs, which can be communicated to potential customers, vendors, or trading partners. Publishes BizTalk Schema for Earnings, Inc. announced its support for the Microsoft BizTalk Framework by publishing a schema for the seamless electronic exchange of earnings-related corporate events of interest to securities analysts, institutional investors and individual investors. Data described with this schema can be used for scheduling, planning and researching, while serving as a host of other investment-oriented functions. One of its uses is in populating a corporate earnings calendar targeted at analysts, institutional investors and individual investors. This corporate earnings calendar can aggregate and organize detailed information about current, future and historical earnings-related events that affect a list of companies of interest to an investor.

Efinity Connects Manufacturers & Partners with Real-Time Supply Chain Data

Efinity Inc. announced their entry as an application service provider for real-time management of supply chain and business systems transactions for manufacturing companies and their trading partners. Customers are provided a secure connection to Efinity’s Internet hosted application, streamlining day-to-day business operations including order entry, change orders, shipment status and forecasting, as well as inventory control. Utilizing the Internet and emerging standards technologies such as XML, Efinity provides a marketplace where buyers and suppliers of manufactured goods and services exchange vital, real-time business transaction data. Efinity’s hosted applications allow companies with dissimilar business systems to communicate through a common medium. Efinity provides the service of “translating” the data so the companies can utilize the transacted information in a secure environment. Another feature of the system provides every user with the means of personalizing their view of the software, to better improve their work efficiency.

Thomas Register Online & Inforonics Announce TR-XML

Thomas Register Online and Inforonics, announced expanded product access through a “trading network” program. Thomas Register is providing line item detail with pricing information for more than 250,000 products that are available for online purchasing via secure credit card transactions. Using technology developed in cooperation with Inforonics, Inc., Thomas Register Online is creating a trading protocol that enables requests for catalog data, product information, orders and payment through the use of XML. Inforonics is implementing the new TR-XML for Thomas Register, which will enable companies to link to and access its website’s line item product content.,

J.D. Edwards & Open Text Announce Alliance

J.D. Edwards and Open Text Corp. announced a technology alliance that enables J.D. Edwards OneWorld and WorldSoftware customers to integrate with Livelink using Livelink Enterprise Activator. This solution allows J.D. Edwards’ customers to integrate unstructured knowledge and external information into core business processes, providing access to enterprise information. Using the Livelink Enterprise Activator to search and retrieve information directly from the OneWorld and WorldSoftware systems, J.D. Edwards customers will be able to catalog and retrieve unstructured information types that are not typically available within enterprise business software. This integration will also enable Livelink users to participate in business processes that may originate from outside of the enterprise system. By providing users with access to corporate knowledge and unstructured information, management teams are able to make more informed decisions and more deftly respond to changing market conditions.,

Intentia to Offer WAP Support

Intentia unveiled the next step in mobile enterprise application access. By using the WAP technology (Wireless Application Protocol) as defined by the WAP Forum, Movex customers can use any WAP-enabled device, such as handheld computers and mobile phones, to access their enterprise systems. This further extends the reach of the enterprise application to sales and service staff and will also enable field equipment such as vending machines to manage themselves and place orders straight into the Movex

DataMirror Adds Flat File & XML Support

DataMirror Corporation announced the availability of Transformation Server for Flat Files. This new product release is a key addition to DataMirror’s Transformation Server product line and expands DataMirror’s market opportunity by giving customers access to non-relational data. Transformation Server for Flat Files can reside in any Unix or Windows NT environment and allows users to move data directly into a target relational database without requiring staging. Transformation Server for Flat Files also has built in masking capability to aid in the description and replication of more complicated formats such as dates and currencies. Transformation Server for Flat Files also represents the first use of XML as a core technology in Transformation Server. Transformation Server for Flat Files will be generally available on September 15th, 1999. Pricing is custom quoted based on computing environment.

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