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Day: August 15, 1999

Alpnet & Sun to Develop Language Translation Infrastructure Solution

ALPNET,Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced that the companies have agreed to cooperatively develop an innovative language Translation Management Computer Infrastructure (TMCI) solution for the Solaris Operating Environment. The new TMCI solution allows multi-national companies to quickly and easily manage language translation throughout their global operations from centralized servers. With the new TMCI solution, global companies can quickly deploy familiar, translated contents through the Internet to their employees, partners, and customers based upon ALPNET’s EP technology, the new language translation solution is expected to be deployed first at Sun – and productized by ALPNET – in the fourth quarter of this year. The TMCI solution supports established and emerging Internet standards like TCP/IP HTTP, Java and XML technologies. Additionally, TMCI supports a range of languages (scripts that are included in the Unicode character set), major text formats and importation and exportation of legacy translation memory formats, including TMX and Trados.

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