Miva Corporation announced that it has signed site license agreements with Verio, SimpleNet and OLM. The arrangement enables each hosting company’s’ Web servers with Miva Empresa, an application engine designed to empower individual users with Miva Script for the creation and deployment of e-commerce applications and data-driven Web sites. Miva Script is a server-side, XML-based scripting language. Miva Script allows individuals to create and deploy commerce applications, data-driven Web sites and corporate Intranet applications. The scripting language gives Web hosting customers access to advanced commerce and database features in a familiar environment that consists of HTML-like tags. Because Miva Script uses tag-based syntax in the active document, HTML users can easily build cross platform, active, server-side applications without the burden of in-depth training and support. All Miva application products are written in Miva Script. The function-orientated Miva Script language has been defined using an XML DTD and implements programming features, database access, Internet protocol integration and commerce processing interfaces. www.miva.com, www.verio.com, www.simplenet.com, www.olm.com