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Day: June 15, 1999

Oberon Software & webMethods Partner

Oberon Software Inc. unveiled its partnership with webMethods, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will build on Oberon’s Prospero solution and webMethods B2B suite to accelerate cross-enterprise integration of line of business applications across the supply chain. The result of this alliance will be a Prospero building block for the webMethods B2B suite. Oberon will develop and support a building block enabling seamless integration between webMethods B2B and the Prospero environment. As part of Oberon’s mission to seamlessly link disparate systems, this new building block will leverage webMethods’ cross-platform, XML-based products to deliver an integrated framework for conducting e-business by connecting applications in real time through firewalls over the Internet. webMethods customers will have immediate access to packaged and legacy applications supported by the extensive library of Prospero building blocks. For all the enterprise applications that Oberon supports, Oberon customers are immediately able to securely and reliably deploy cross-enterprise e-business applications.

Innovision Announces Nepal XP

Innovision Corporation announced it will introduce a new XML Protocol (XP) framework, Nepal XP, to achieve universal data interchange. The Nepal XP components include: Nepal XP Language: A language modeling platform that enables full life-cycle development of XML Protocols; Nepal XP Server: A server component that supports protocol-specific frameworks and application development; Nepal XP Client: Thin-client components for browsers, embedded devices and emerging technologies; and Nepal XP Tools.

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