The Sun-Netscape Alliance reaffirmed its support for the RosettaNet consortium and other key organizations including CommerceNet, or OASIS that are helping to define the industry’s XML standards for business-to-business electronic commerce processes. The Alliance also described its plan to integrate XML support across its family of e-commerce applications for commerce exchange, online procurement, online selling and online bill presentment and payment. In a related announcement, RosettaNet announced its commitment to providing an XML standard for live product implementations by February 2, 2000. The Sun-Netscape Alliance, which has executive representation in the consortium, is supporting this timeline and has agreed to collaborate with the other RosettaNet board members to align business processes to support the organization’s XML standard. Commerce Exchange Netscape ECXpert, an application that enables the exchange of commerce information between business systems of the partners, supplier and customer, will provide an XML interface for sending and receiving XML documents, including support for implementing RosettaNet eConcert Partner Internet Processes. Online Procurement and Selling Netscape BuyerXpert will leverage XML features within Netscape EXCpert to help link a company’s internal procurement function with the procurement system of its external suppliers. Netscape BuyerXpert supports XML as a standard mechanism for catalog content exchange. Netscape SellerXpert, a business-to-business online selling application, will support XML by leveraging Netscape ECXpert’s capabilities. The Alliance plans to unveil its complete XML strategy for online selling in the near future. Online Bill Presentment and Payment Netscape BillerXpert today standardizes on XML for all data loading including membership, account data and billing data as it is translated from print streams. The Alliance plans to expand its use of XML within Netscape BillerXpert for greater interoperability with other applications and greater flexibility in meeting customized presentation needs in vertical markets.