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Day: May 11, 1999

Netcentric Solutions Chooses Objectivity for New Web Content Management Product

Objectivity, Inc. announced that Netcentric Solutions Ltd, selected Objectivity/DB to serve as the database engine in its new Web content management solution, Lychee. Netcentric debuts Lychee today at the Webmaster trade show, Stand 144, in London Olympia, U.K.. Netcentric developed Lychee to remove the bottleneck in the flow of information to the Web by allowing users to publish information on their Internet, intranet, or extranet sites quickly and easily. Through the use of templates, Netcentric’s Lychee enables non-technical information owners to maintain specific areas of a Web site. The information follows the normal document workflow channels and is immediately updated on all relevant Web pages after sign-off. This ensures the timely publication of quality Web documents. Prior to using Objectivity/DB, Netcentric used its own file system, which was unable to deliver the performance or the scalability the company needed long-term. To optimize performance, Netcentric determined that Lychee, which is written in Java, needed an object database. Netcentric evaluated several object databases and selected Objectivity/DB for its performance, distribution and scalability.

Westlaw Integrates with Imanage

iManage and West Group announced that the iManage LegalOffice Document Management System (DMS) now will be able to access Westlaw through, West Group’s web-based legal research service. This will give iManage users instant Internet access to Westlaw, the legal research service, while working within the DMS. With the completion of the integration, users of iManage LegalOffice will be able to conduct research on Westlaw without leaving the DMS, find the needed information and then import it directly back into the DMS. Once uploaded into iManage LegalOffice, users can manipulate the research text as if it were any other document within the DMS. iManage LegalOffice customers looking to take advantage of will be able to do so in second half of this year.

Microscript Corporation Announces Biztalk Support

MicroScript Corporation announced that it has endorsed and will support Microsoft’s BizTalk standards initiative for cross platform integration in e-commerce. MicroScript Corporation, whose Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) development tools are based on Microsoft’s ActiveX/COM/DCOM architecture, is used for application integration in healthcare and other markets. BizTalk is a new cross-platform e-commerce framework that makes it easy for businesses to integrate applications and conduct business over the Internet with trading partners and customers. The BizTalk framework is based on new XML schemas and industry standards that enable integration across industries and between business systems, regardless of platform, operating system or underlying technology.

Sterling Commerce Announces New Web Suite

Sterling Commerce, Inc. unveiled its new GENTRAN Web Suite, a family of Web integration components designed to enable business process integration reliably and securely via the Internet. Through partnerships with webMethods and Cyclone Software, Sterling Commerce will add two new components, Real-time Integration and Internet Data Exchange, to GENTRAN Web Suite. Internet Data Exchange — Developed in partnership with Cyclone Software, facilitates simplified inter-enterprise messaging because it can communicate with other interoperable solutions that support the S/MIME and EDIINT standards. Real-time Integration — Via the new partnership with webMethods, uses XML to enable an organization to integrate its business applications with the Web sites, ERP applications and business systems of its partners.

Lotus Announces Domino.Doc 2.5. Beta

Lotus Development Corp. announced the posting of Domino.Doc 2.5 beta to the Lotus Web site. The Domino.Doc 2.5 release is highlighted by compatibility with Lotus Notes and Domino R5 as well as improved performance, scalability, usability and administration. In addition to working with R5, following are some of the major features and enhancements in Domino.Doc 2.5: Support for multiple Domino.Doc libraries on one Domino server; Partitioned server support and cross domain replication; A new query-by-form capability; And additional e-mail integration; Domino.Doc’s administrator can now create file cabinet templates each with specific parameters, and global profile fields that can be used across all document types in a given file cabinet.

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