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Day: March 15, 1999

OASIS Brings Daily Content to

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, announced that it will provide, a Web resource for XML professionals, with content in the form of daily XML-related news. OASIS will supply the popular “What’s New” page from the OASIS/Robin Cover SGML/XML Web Page for re-publishing on As a result of the new agreement between the two organizations, OASIS will become a content provider for OASIS and will maintain links between the OASIS web site (, the Robin Cover SGML/XML Web Page ( and ( Sponsors of the OASIS/Robin Cover SGML/XML Web Page, including GCA, Inso, ISOGEN and Sun Microsystems, will also be sponsors of the Cover material on,

NetRight & MDY integrate technologies

NetRight Technologies announced the integration of MDY Advanced Technologies’ RMS (records management systems) with the iManage document management system (DMS). The result of the integration allows for seamless management of physical files and electronically stored documents. The marriage of these two systems, part of NetRight’s iDevelop program, allows users to better manage the wealth of their firm’s hard copy files and on-line documents with greater ease and efficiency. Users can concentrate on the substance of their work and not worry about the logistics of navigating back and forth between their document and record management systems. MDY’s RMS is designed for the large capacity/ high-volume environment of large corporations, law firms and government agencies. The application incorporates the generation of bar codes for file tracking; retention scheduling, archiving and final disposition scheduling; integration with electronic document management systems like iManage.,

Documentum announces move into web application market

Documentum, Inc. announced its strategy to expand its product line by delivering a broad range of Web applications, based on its new Web application environment, to foster innovation of new products and processes. The Documentum Innovation Application Series will be tailored for the company’s targeted vertical industries and focused on five categories: marketing and sales, quality management, research management, financial risk management and project/team management. The Documentum Innovation Application Series is based on the company’s new Documentum Web Application Environment, which consists of a Web application server, a family of Web clients, and development and administration tools. The Documentum Web Application Environment also enables the development and deployment of custom Web applications by Documentum customers and system integrator partners. Documentum’s Innovation Application Series is designed to meet specific industry requirements in Documentum’s four key market segments: process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, financial services, and business and government services.

FileNET launches initiative for insurance industry

FileNET Corp. announced it has launched an initiative to offer market-specific integrated document management solutions for the insurance industry. As a result of this initiative, FileNET and its ValueNET business partners dedicated to serving health, life, property and casualty insurers are delivering tailored solutions to help enable these companies to more effectively manage document-intensive processes unique to this competitive market. As a central part of this initiative, FileNET will work closely with industry-focused systems integrators, resellers and third-party solutions providers to develop top-tier packaged solutions that meet specific IDM needs across the diverse sectors of the insurance industry. These applications, based on FileNET’s Panagon family of IDM products, address critical line-of-business activities including new business underwriting, claims processing, customer service, premium processing, reinsurance and records management and Web publishing.

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