UWI.Com, announced a new release of InternetForms Designer, the visual interface for professional XML forms creation. InternetForms Designer 1.2 enables developers to create and deploy secure, intelligent, and legally-binding documents for their e-commerce applications while taking advantage of the openness of XML. The new release also includes several new features that improve developer productivity and enhance ease-of-use. The release of InternetForms Designer 1.2 completes the newest version of the InternetForms System, a suite of products based on XFDL (Extensible Forms Description Language), the XML protocol for legally-binding transactions on the Internet. XFDL was co-authored by UWI.Com and Tim Bray, co-editor of the original XML specification, and has been submitted to the W3C for consideration as an Internet standard. The InternetForms System also includes InternetForms Viewer, a web browser extension for completing and signing InternetForms, as well as a broad range of processing applications for popular databases, imaging, document management, and workflow systems, legacy access, and Palm PCs. www.uwi.com