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Day: March 8, 1999

Kodak Names Gerry Sutton President of Eastman Software

Eastman Kodak Company today announced that Gerry Sutton has been appointed President of the company’s Eastman Software subsidiary, effective immediately. Sutton will report to Candy Obourn, President of Kodak’s Document Imaging business, with Eastman Software continuing to operate as a subsidiary unit of the company. Sutton replaces Robert Weiler, who had been president of Eastman Software since the unit’s inception in 1997. Weiler will remain a consultant to the business. Kodak will align the subsidiary under the company’s Document Imaging business, the supplier of micrographics and document imaging products and services. Sutton’s most recent assignment was as general manager for Kodak’s Business Imaging Systems worldwide service bureau operations and sales. In addition he has served as general manager for the business in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Africa and Middle East Regions and has managed the Asia Pacific Regional operations for Eastman Software.

Xerox ships DocuShare 2.0

Xerox Corporation announced immediate availability of DocuShare 2.0, the company’s knowledge sharing software platform. DocuShare 2.0 includes significant new features and extensions that allow users, developers and VARs to build highly-customized solutions for sharing knowledge over the Web. DocuShare 2.0 is the first commercially available implementation of WebDAV the emerging standard endorsed by Netscape, Microsoft and Oracle for managing large document repositories across the Web. Xerox has also built on the DocuShare platform to provide interoperability with popular Xerox and third party document capture and output devices. To better serve customers large and small, DocuShare is now available through Xerox Business Services (XBS), as an accessory to Xerox Document Centre networked multifunction devices, and through its VAR channel. DocuShare 2.0 is available in three versions. DocuShare Basics is designed for distributed workgroups requiring a Web-based interface. DocuShare Office meets the needs of more complex organizations, and offers a secure, easily customizable Web interface as well as integration with Microsoft Windows through the XML-based DocuShare Windows Client. DocuShare Enterprise cost-effectively integrates with enterprise-wide applications such as Oracle databases. DocuShare pricing in the US starts with a Basic server and 25-user license for only $1,345. An Office-level server with 500 licenses is $14,995. An unlimited Enterprise server license is $44,995, and includes links to Oracle databases. All prices are $US, and include support for one year.

Netscape to integrate XML into e-commerce apps

Netscape Communications Corporation announced that it will integrate comprehensive support for XML across its portfolio of e-commerce applications to help customers harness the benefits of XML to streamline interoperability between companies to better manage their commerce foundation in the Net Economy. Netscape’s implementation of XML will support e-commerce transactions, business processes and catalog exchanges. The Netscape CommerceXpert family of packaged applications enable Internet commerce exchange, corporate procurement, online selling and customer information services. Netscape CommerceXpert products that are scheduled to support XML include Netscape BuyerXpert, Netscape ECXpert, Netscape SellerXpert and Netscape TradingXpert.

Sun Unveils XML Support In Java

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced its intent to create a Java platform standard extension for XML through the Java Community Process. The XML standard extension will be an industry-developed API that enterprises and developers can rely on for high quality XML language integration with the Java platform. Sun has outlined an initial version of the XML standard extension that provides basic functionality including the ability to read, manipulate, and generate XML technology-based data streams and formats. These core features form the building blocks for developing fully-functional XML language oriented applications. The XML standard extension will consist of a specification, reference implementation, and compatibility test suite. The XML standard extension will conform to the XML 1.0 specification, will leverage existing efforts around other Java technology-based APIs, and will be developed using the Java Community Process.

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