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Day: January 25, 1999

Norwest Venture Partners invests additional $3.25 Million in Arbortext

Norwest Venture Partners, a venture capital business partner for emerging growth IT companies, today announced a $3.25 million follow-on investment in Arbortext, the provider of standards-based enterprise software for information creation, editing and publishing. Norwest has invested a total of more than $9 million in Arbortext, and Promod Haque, managing partner with the firm, is a member of Arbortext’s board of directors. This second round of funding, totaling $10.25 million, was led by Invesco and also included an investment by Access Capital. Arbortext plans to use the funding to expand sales and marketing activities.,

The World Wide Web Consortium releases CSS1 Test Suite

The W3C has released a test suite for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is a widely supported style sheet language that describes how Web documents (e.g., written in HTML or XML) are presented on screen, paper, in speech, etc. The CSS1 Test Suite will help implementors improve CSS1 support in their products and will enable Web page designers to verify the quality of CSS1 support in their browsers. Solid CSS support across a variety of browsers will encourage authors to use style sheets. The test suite consists of nearly 100 pages, each of which documents a section from the CSS specification. Using words and images, the pages describe how the various CSS features should be rendered.

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