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The Gilbane Report on Open Information & Document Systems (ISSN 1067-8719) was periodical launched in March, 1993 by Publishing Technology Management Inc. which was founded by Frank Gilbane, its president, in June, 1987.

The Gilbane Report was sold to CAP Ventures Inc in December 1994, who published it until May, 1999, when it was bought by Bluebill Advisors, Inc. a consulting and advisory firm founded by Frank Gilbane. Bluebill Advisors continued to publish the Gilbane Report until March, 2005. The Gilbane Report issues from 1993 – 2005 remain available in either HTML or PDF (or both), on the Gilbane Advisor website, which is owned by Bluebill Advisors Inc.

Below is a link to the first issue of the Gilbane Report. There is also a PDF version.