San Francisco, April 25 – 26, 2006

(Also see the co-located Content Management Technologies conference program.)

The first Conference on Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM), held in conjunction with the Gilbane Content Management conference, is chaired by Chaired by Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, a noted authority on DRM, author of the book Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology, and editor of the newsletter DRM Watch (

Enterprise DRM is an increasingly important technology for protecting intellectual property in corporations and other institutions. It complements content management, firewalls, and other technologies in helping to ensure that sensitive information such as confidential documents, email, and application data do not fall into the wrong hands.

DRM technology has moved out beyond its origins in the entertainment industry and become established in enterprise applications, in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing and life sciences. It’s also increasingly important technology in a range of solutions for document retention and regulatory compliance.

At the Enterprise DRM Conference, you will learn about such things as:

  • Enterprise DRM technologies, business applications, and solutions
  • How Enterprise DRM complements other approaches to information security, such as content management systems and firewalls
  • Real-world case studies of Enterprise DRM in action
  • How to differentiate and choose among Enterprise DRM solutions
  • Applications of Enterprise DRM in vertical markets such as financial services
         and manufacturing
  • Applications of Enterprise DRM in regulatory compliance
  • Integration of Enterprise DRM with content management systems
  • Integration of Enterprise DRM with email and messaging applications

The conference will include a tutorial overview of Enterprise DRM as well as a vendor showcase where you can see the most important Enterprise DRM solutions for yourself.

Who should attend:
VPs/Directors of Content Management
VPs/Directors of Knowledge Management
VPs/Directors of Information Technology
VPs/Directors of IT Security
VPs/Directors of Regulatory Compliance
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Security Officers

Conference Program

Day 1: Enterprise DRM Solutions

eDRM Keynote

Speaker: Bill Rosenblatt, eDRM Conference Chair, Editor DRM Watch


eDRM-1: eDRM in Financial Services
Financial services is turning out to be one of the most important “bowling pins” – early vertical markets – for Enterprise DRM. Among the several applications are virtual deal rooms in M&A, NASD 2711 regulation enforcement, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act protection of banking customer records, and others. Attend this session to learn about financial industry applications of Enterprise DRM and which financial institutions are taking advantage of them.

Moderator: Jude Umeh, Technical Architect, Cap Gemini

Brett Sheppard
, Absolutely Inc.
George Everhart, CEO, SealedMedia
Jason Elizaitis, Director of IT, Fairfield Greenwich Group


eDRM-2: Document Security for Small-to-Medium Size Enterprises
Document security issues are different for small businesses, as are the technology solutions that they should adopt to address them. Without the need to deal with high-level Enterprise DRM issues like top-down policy management and large-scale identity management, SMEs can benefit from solutions that are simpler, more affordable, and easier to deploy. Come to this session to learn about such solutions and who is using them.

Moderator: Jarad Carleton, IT Consulting Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Ray Zambroski, CEO, Essential Security Software
Angel Mehta, Managing Director, Sterling-Hoffman Executive Search
Joe Fantuzzi, CEO & President, WorkShare


eDRM-3: A Framework for Analyzing Enterprise Rights Management Solutions
Although products have matured considerably over the last 2-3 years, there are still substantive differences in the features and capabilities of E-DRM solutions. Enterprise architects must decide what level of collaboration is supported, how offline use of information is handled, whether executives will be comfortable with the user experience, and many other factors. In this session, we provide a framework for analyzing E-DRM products, with examples from solutions currently on the market.

Speaker: Trent Henry, Senior Analyst, Burton Group


Day 2: Enterprise DRM Architectures

eDRM-4: Enterprise DRM and Content Management: Technology Integration and Case Studies
Enterprise DRM complements content management technologies by ensuring that documents are protected when they leave the confines of content management repositories. Vendors are offering solutions that integrate content management with Enterprise DRM, and companies are beginning to take advantage. In this session, you will learn about issues in integrating these two technologies into seamless document and policy management capabilities, as well as about real-world business problems that the combination is solving today.

Moderator: Brett Sheppard, CEO, Absolutely Inc.

Jarad Carleton, IT Consulting Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
Martin Lambert, CTO, SealedMedia
Joe Morray, President, Trinity Technologies


eDRM-5: Enterprise DRM Case Studies
The Enterprise DRM market has matured to the point that there are several real-world case studies of deployments that solve crucial business problems for a variety of concerns. In this panel, we will hear about the business issues that led different organizations to adopt Enterprise DRM solutions, how they went about choosing a solution, and their implementation experiences.

Moderator: Trent Henry, Analyst, Burton Group

Kyugon Cho,
Masa Narita, SVP, Nikko Cordial Securities
Lubo Madolev, VP Sales, Intelligent Wave USA
Jim Recker, Director Distance Learning, Siebel


eDRM-6: Information Security and Inter-Enterprise Collaboration
Setting document access policies within an enterprise is nontrivial enough. But if one institution wants to collaborate with others on sensitive materials – such as in outsourced product design or legal document scenarios – then the complexities increase geometrically. In this panel, our speakers will discuss various approaches to inter-enterprise collaboration, such as messaging, file sharing, and advanced collaborative tools, and how DRM technologies can support them.

Moderator: Gord Larose, Senior Application Security Engineer, Cloakware

John Landwehr, Director, Security & Solutions Strategy, Adobe
Arny Epstein, CTO, Liquid Machines
Richard Lee, Managing Director, Samsung SDS


eDRM-7: Mobile Devices and Content Security
Most Enterprise DRM solutions have been implemented on PC platforms. But as the workforce becomes more mobile and accesses information on a wider variety of devices, content security on those devices and over wireless networks becomes more important. Learn about authentication and other tricky issues in mobile content security, and what technologies are available to address them.

Moderator: Azita Arvani, Principal, Arvani Group

Gord Larose, Senior Application Security Engineer, Cloakware
Michael Hackney, Sr. Director of Product Management, EMC/Authentica
William Crocca, Enterprise Architect, Business Markets Group, Cingular Wireless
David Nagel, Principal, Ascona Group

(Also see the co-located Content Management Technologies conference program.)