Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity Group logoDigital Clarity Group (DCG) is a research and advisory firm focused on navigating organizations through the digital transformation process. From a research perspective, DCG covers the markets for software and practices used to create and manage engaging digital experiences. On the advisory side, DCG helps users develop sustainable strategies, make informed buying decisions (e.g. product selections), and other similar engagements. DCG analysts are based in the U.S., Canada and Europe, they speak regularly at conferences and industry events around the world, and their writing and opinions can be found in publications and trade journals throughout the industry.

Market coverage is organized around three practices areas:

  • customer engagement
  • employee engagement
  • “the digital enterprise”

Within these practice areas, DCG covers web content management, social, the practice of content marketing, CRM, web analytics, collaboration tools, portals, and a number of other related technologies and practices.

Whether it is finding the right content management system, developing a strategic digital roadmap, or maximizing the potential of online content, DCG’s analysts will work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs. Through a proven evaluation process that considers the people, business processes, and the technical needs of your organization, DCG ensures that the recommended solution will support the goals of your entire organization.


Customer Experience Management (CEM), Web Engagement, Enterprise Collaboration, Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social, Collaboration Tools, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Portals.

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