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Webinar: Ingersoll Rand, Club Car’s Strategy for Multilingual Product Documentation

Tuesday, Febuary 3rd, 2009: 11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PST
In the manufacturing industry, the pace of innovation in multinational product design and engineering can create a gulf between product availability and multilingual product documentation delivery. The result can negatively affect customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance programs, and global perception of product quality.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the technical publications group at Ingersoll Rand, Club Car has closed this gap by:

  • Introducing manufacturing innovation into technical publications processes.
  • Collaborating with sales support to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Automating links between authoring, localization/translation, and publishing with technologies such as XML and translation memory.
  • Increasing the volume of multilingual product documentation without raising costs.

Join us to hear first-hand experience and best practices advice from Jeff Kennedy, Manager of Engineering Information and Systems at Ingersoll Rand, Club Car. Joined by Gilbane Senior Analyst Karl Kadie and Sajan Chief Marketing Officer Vern Hanzlik, this webinar discussion is a companion to Gilbane’s Club Car case study.

Register today. Moderated by Gilbane Group. Hosted by Sajan.

What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

First, Happy New Year from the Content Globalization team & hope your holiday season included rest and relaxation. Now back to it!

I’m not big on once a year resolutions; I like ongoing “continuations” better – i.e. keep doing what works and throw out what doesn’t. In terms of our education mission, what worked best in 2008 is exactly what we set out to do via our inaugural mandate — talk to practitioners, CIOs, strategists and fellow analysts about our view of the “globalization mandate” and understand how it fits into the “field view.” So in terms of “continuations,” we’re increasing this commitment — because it works.

Our 2008 experiences throughout corporate consulting gigs and Gilbane conferences underscore a simple truth — when folks share, communities gather, and corporate operational champions for multilingual communications band together, “things” happen. And our “thing” is solidifying industry awareness that content is a vital part of web experience, customer satisfaction, and multinational expansion programs. The monolingual “one size fits all” approach? Doesn’t work.

So what’s with my elevator pitch title? It’s an ongoing conversation we’re having with our community about making the business case for content globalization strategies that are funded, valued, measured and successful. Basically, the elevator pitch for multilingual communications in five minutes or less. Here’s one of our favorites, courtesy David Lee from 3M:
content matters.png

Gilbane Boston: Content Globalization Track

We’re looking forward to a great conference, and especially excited for the globalization track. Although our state-side audience is gearing up for turkey dinners, there’s still time get a great education at Gilbane Boston next week!

Register here for the full conference or for free – yes, I said free – access to the Technology Showcase, keynotes, and sponsor reception.

Gilbane Boston Content Globalization Track

Special Keynote 2: Foundations for Global Content Value Chain Strategies
Moderator: Mary Laplante, Vice President, Consulting, Gilbane Group
David Lee, Manager eBusiness, 3M Company
Nicholas McMahon, VP & General Manager, Jonckers
Leonor Ciarlone, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group

GCM-1: Optimizing the Global Content Value Chain: Focus on Product Content
Moderator: Leonor Ciarlone, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Fred Hollowood, Director Language R&D, Shared Engineering Services, Symantec Corporation
Natasja H.M. Paulsen, Partner, Ordina Consulting
Sophie Hurst, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SDL

GCM-2: Optimizing the Global Content Value Chain: Focus on Brand Content
Moderator: Karl Kadie, Senior Analyst, Gilbane Group
Gary Muddyman, Managing Director and CEO, Conversis
Anne Casson, Principal Consultant, Content Management Practice, Molecular

GCM-3: Designing Culturally Customized Web Sites: The Next Localization Frontier
Moderator: Ulrich Henes, President, Localization Institute
Nitish Singh, Assistant Professor of International Business at Boeing Institute of Int. Business, St. Louis University

Web Globalization Management: Got Certification?

We were recently introduced to the Executive Certification in Web Globalization Management by our friends Nitish Singh and Ulrich Henes during October’s Localization World conference. We’re thrilled to have both Singh and Henes as participants in the Globalization track at Gilbane Boston 2008, December 2-4.

A new venture within the executive education arm of John Cook School of Business at St. Louis University, it is quite an impressive program! And beyond compliments such as well-designed and timely, the program’s message of “why invest now?” — or more pointedly as the program describes, “why supercharge?” — is a mini-lesson in and of itself.

Consider the megatrends that answer these questions: (full text available here)

  • Megatrend-1: Web will be critical to achieving global expansion.
  • Megatrend-2: Innovation in the new economy will be driven by blurring of disciplinary boundaries.
  • Megatrend-3: Hyperconnectivity will redefine how people and organizations communicate.
  • Megatrend-4: Value systems will compete globally.
  • Megatrend-5: Smart organizations will harness the power of “Collective Intelligence.”
  • Megatrend-6: Economies of China, India and Brazil will be future engines of growth.

Powerful food for thought and incentive to check it out — and register for Spring 2009. No travel required!

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