October 29, 11:00 am ET

Attracting, converting, and retaining customers is the mission of every corporate marketing organization. Content is obviously central to executing the mission. The key to success, though, isn’t just delivering content on websites — it’s leveraging content to wring out its maximum value for the business and the customer.

Leading publishers have deep expertise in solving the knottiest problems associated with leveraging content. How can corporate marketers put a publisher’s knowledge and experience to work in their own domain? We discuss the issues and trends with Diane Burley, Industry  Specialist at Nstein, in a lively online conversation. Attend Everyone is a Publisher: No Matter What Industry You’re In, and gain insights into solutions that top media companies have put into practice to survive the digital economy. Topics include:

  • Engaging customers with content, and metrics to gauge performance.
  • Managing corporate marketing and brand content from multiple sources.
  • Streamlining web content workflows.
  • Creating demographic-specific microsites.

Registration is open. Sponsored by NStein. 

Coming soon: a Gilbane Beacon on publishing as every organization’s second business.